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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"New releases... Funkfoot's "Badunkafunk""

... Recorded in the round using a closed-for-the-night the Stone Church as studio, Funkfoot’s debut EP “Badunkafunk” provides listeners a healthy sample of the funk fusion outfit’s live show. All the jam band requisites are present: jangling, swanky guitar, plenty of tock-a-tock-tock snare, slap-popping bass riffs and organ-heavy keyboard sounds and Funkfoot keeps stride, performing across the album with skill and gusto. And, of course, being songs to shake a leg to, bassist Berns Cote and guitarist Jeremy “Fuzz” Grob, trading vocal duties, do their best to get bodies onto the floor, as in “France Road”: “Let’s all do something fun / Let’s get on the lawn by the break of dawn, and all go put our shoes on.” Yes, let’s. ...

- The Wire, Portsmouth NH

"Rock ON"

"Ever since Funkfoot first appeared on the music scene their popularity has grown with every gig. The funk fusion band with complex mixtures of groove, jazz, blues, funk, and rock brings a totally new sound to the Seacoast."
-Portsmouth Magazine

Like their music, the young band members fused together the same way. "We met through knowing other people and decided to make music together,'' says Berns Cote, bass player and singer.

We are a mix of everything, explains Berns. "We try not to stick to one style. We like to be an improv band, as far as live shows go." He says that the response to Funkfoot has been exciting and their fans are a nice balance of young and old.

"The type of music we play isn't defined by one generation, because we are taking influences from older generations - music like jazz and R&B and then incorporating the newer styles like hip hop and trying to fuse them all together. So, people from all ages come to see us and they all enjoy one part of it or another." Berns says that he recalls there was a time not too long ago when the music scene around the Seacoast died down for a while. "I think the music scene is actually starting to resurge. I think that right now it's the most exciting it's been in a long time."

As for the future and with Funkfoot being so young - not even two-years-old, the band hopes to just keep playing. "All four of us are career orientated as far as doing the music thing. We are looking to get signed, and we have our first demo out."

For more about Funkfoot and where to hear them visit - Portsmouth Magazine - March 2006


Badunkafunk, The EP (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


With an eclectic sound fusing together funk, rock, hip-hop, and improvisational jams, the four members of Funkfoot weave a fresh groove out of the traditional "Jam Sound". The variety of influences and personalities within the group create such distinctive magic that the vibe grows beyond their captivating crescendo riffs. Ash's drive is pure punk, but his beats are as funky as a DJ's break record. Berns' spine-tingling vocals will raise your hair, while his rock-solid bass lines move your body and soul. Jeremy's heartfelt vocals are poetic and his guitar sound is not only refined but energizing too, adding a sincerity that holds the whole group together. Eric's funky keyboards and searing synth lines add to the originality that can only be named Funkfoot.