We make people dance! Our music is a special blend of funk, rock, blues, soul, and hip-hop. We are like brothers, it helps us to write the songs. Whether we're doing an occasional cover or improvising new songs on stage, we rock the funk out. Catch us live for the full experience.


With an eclectic sound fusing together funk, rock, hip-hop, and improvisational jams, the four members of Funkfoot weave a fresh groove out of the traditional "Jam Sound". The variety of influences and personalities within the group create such distinctive magic that the vibe grows beyond their captivating crescendo riffs. Ash's drive is pure punk, but his beats are as funky as a DJ's break record. Berns' spine-tingling vocals will raise your hair, while his rock-solid bass lines move your body and soul. Jeremy's heartfelt vocals are poetic and his guitar sound is not only refined but energizing too, adding a sincerity that holds the whole group together. Eric's funky keyboards and searing synth lines add to the originality that can only be named Funkfoot.


Badunkafunk, The EP (2005)

Set List

Song of the Phoenix
Fire Nation
France Rd.
(Satisfy the) Demons
Git Down
Peaceful Man
Second Flight