Funk Fu

Funk Fu


Funk Fu was formed back in 2006 with 1 single goal in mind. To ENTERTAIN people, and have a good time in the process. Funk Fu plays mainly Funk, with a mix of Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Blues. We have been told that we sounds like Primus meets Chili Peppers with some Rage and 311 mixed in!


Funk Fu was started in Jan of '06 and have played numerous gigs all around Utah and some surrounding states. the thing that sets Funk Fu apart fomr most other bands, is that our primary focus is entertaining people and spreading positive vibes, not getting paid and trying to look cool. We have been told that we sound like a mix of 311, Chili Peppers, Primus, Rage, and many others. We have a very positve funky fresh hip hop style and are only focused on sharing good vibes and maiking the crowd bounce.


Funk Fu currently has one 6-track EP, is on the x-96 Live and Local compilation with our crowd favorite the 'Pirate Song' and is currently in the process of recording a new 11-track album.

Set List

We have many original songs, and some covers. We can play 2 full sets, as well as DJ