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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Protectors of the Queens Court"

In a city that has seen its share of trials and tribulations,Plainfield N.J. perhaps could be right up there with the worst of them.However this also is the place that has witnessed something lurking beneath its core that breeds the best that music and stage presence could possibly have to offer.The most recent purveyers are lacking in neither.FUNK-KIN could very well be just what the good Dr. Funkenstien has prescribed for this dying world to avoid its Funk-less death.This band of brothers seemingly have a connection on and off stage that allows them complete creative and musical freedom to do just whatever it is they feel the party calls for.The band features a fierce wailing guitar in some of the most unconventional compositions and still manages to give way to harmless pounding rythym section that seems to just grab hold of your feet and wont let go.With their most recent efforts focused on paying homage to a life-long mentor and deserving king of the Alternative hill.FUNK-KIN by no means will ever be pigeonhold to the sometimes overlooked genre of FUNK.Elder member and spokesperson for the group states"We have never just palyed any one particular style of music if we can happily marry Gospel to Folk then thats what we will do.Its really what GOD intended anyway for us all to Jam Together"
LB -Staff Writer.
Courrier News.
BEST FUNK-BAND (3 YRS 98-2001)
CNT Home News Tribune:
The puddle didnt run very far from the stream in the case of Local Funk/Rock group FUNK-KIN.Staff writer for another local fanzine says that FUNK-KIN has not strayed from the path of agressive,bordering heavy metal music,That there parents and syblings where making in the early 1970's right on up thru the 2000's This band is teetering on a phenominal breakthrough not seen in the music Industry since the birth of Shock Rock which was fathered by groups like Kiss,Parliament and The Villaege people to name a few.FUNK-KIN has just co-produced and wrote a song on the long awaited G.Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars,HLDYH2BB4 Your Absent C.D. to be released on the Funk Gurus own C Konzspiracy Records. - Music News Now & Then...


2006-GEORGE CLINTON & PFALL-STARS(comp)HLDUH2BB4 YOUR ABSENT-C Konsperacy Rec.Group & Filmworks(Inde.Lab debut)
2003-FUNKTOTHEMAX(compilation)FTTM-Disky Records(Inde.Lab)
2002-KOOL&THE GANG (compilation)GANG-LAND-KTFA(Major lab.debut)
2001-FUNK-KIN(Self Titled lp) FUNK-KIN:J-BIRD RECORDS..(Independent Lab.)
FUNK-KIN...J-BIRD Records & Tapes inc...
Kool & The Gang "GANGLAND"
George Clinton & The P-FUNK Allstars.....HLDUH2BB4YOUR ABSENT.


Feeling a bit camera shy


FUNK-KIN:Collective of age old friends and relatives who share the same talents and dreams.
Revelation of years gone by, concerning the ultimate demise and the overlooking of a particular genre of music. This unchained boys club set out too conquer their immediate surroundings and to loose all fears thru music over and across state lines FUNK-KIN has developed a cool mix of Gospel influenced Soul with Big Rock chords.FUNK-KIN manages to blend the essence of good old fashioned Soul music with the intensity of the long gone Classic Theatric Rockers .Its no wonder this is the case,The heart beat of this band shares the blood of its Rock N Soul parent group
The Mighty PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC,with key members of the band being immediate next of Kin.
"Its something thats Just in our blood".Each member of the band has sacrificed to see that this band gets a fair shake at Playing music.Its now Official Soul, Rock and Gospel has just had its first Three-Some.
They have put the child from this concentual gang -bang up for adoption.FUNK-KIN