Magic potion made up of an audio-visual collaboration that will bring healing and relief to any wounded soul. FUNK-KIN is enough for anything,anywhere to get off. Haskins, Thomas and Tim and Nate Shider are the sons and brothers of members of Parliament-Funkadelic.


A collaboration of many things learned and lived by this group of talented artist.Some say that this is a Band of brothers meant to be playing music for a living.All should say its a Brotherhood of a Band that is Living to play music.Shider,Haskins,Thomas and a host of friends and relatives make up this collective of Musical evolution that transcends genres,colors and differences.This is a Band that has been able to mealt The Beatles into Sly and Fill it up with P-FUNK to serve up a deliciouse Buffet of Melody,Lyric and Groove. Haskins, Thomas and the Shider brothers are sons and brothers of members of Parliament Funkadelic.


Sexy Side of You:Feat.George Clinton & P-FUNK All Stars
Funk-Done-Gone-Hip-Hop:Feat.Kool & The Gang
FUNK-KIN:Self Titled Freshman Release.
Color Blind World:Feat.FUNK-KIN(Nate S,Tim S,Nowell H)

Set List

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Funk Done Gone Hip-Hop
Why You Walking Round
Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Hit That Get That Thang..
Hey Jude
Mind Over Matter
All Along the Watchtower.
Its On
Know About the Funk
Additional original Funk-Kin material and PFunk covers