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FunkMnkyz are an alternative hip-hop band from the DC area known for playing high-energy raucous shows. They blend rock, reggae, funk, metal and other genres behind two MCs to create a fresh and unique spin on "rap/rock."


The five members of FunkMnkyz joined forces through a mutual appreciation of EVERY genre of music, a love of the DC-area live scene, and a collective self-deprecating sense of humor. Influenced by 311, RATM, Sublime, Wu-Tang, MF Doom, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Glassjaw and many more, FunkMnkyz can play just about anything while their MCs rhyme. Their most recent release, Which Way is Down (a rap/rock masterclass), was followed by extensive touring and miles on their van. In 2010, FunkMnkyz joined the ranks of Jimmie's Chicken Shack, All Time Low, and Sev by opening the HFStival main stage.

"Yes ladies and gentlemen, rap-rock still exists and we have found its champion." Brightest Young Things

"Their sound is best described as a peaceful rampage, blasting out angry metal guitar on top of a plate of appetizing funk rock." Found Magazine



Written By: FunkMnkyz

Quest: Man I gotta call Vice real quick
Vice: Peace bro
Quest: Hey wassup man
Vice: Got that LS son!
Quest: What? You got the new LS?
Vice: Yes Sir
Quest: Yo! Come scoop me bro
Vice: Right now?
Quest: yeah right now, come scoop me
Vice: Word Word I’m on my way son
(Verse 1 - Quest)
It’s Quest, Sup Son, Everything slow mo
On the bench in your game, trying to maintain
Bout to go with my boy to get fits for tonight
He got that new LS chromed out looking tight
75 degrees man, yo it’s great out here
And my honey she’s at Unity doing that hair
And my neck is on pay because I’m doing that stare
Their goes Marie, man all woman back there
Hold up, Wassup son, yeah I had to dap my man
5-0 is on the road man these cats ain’t playing
YEAH! I saw your man Barack
Resisting these haters like Nike Shox
I gotta call you back son, 5-0 blocking the road
Pulled my boy over, you know how that goes
No license son, damn here we go
Things happen you just have to go with the flow
Cruisin today was a good day, Boys in blue deep is the usual play
Keep it between the lines staying in your lane but the best defense is to stay in the game
Bust a U under false pretenses, no license
At a checkpoint, I forgot to mention
The day was good until a visit from the devils henchmen
Belichicked the way I stay catching offenses
(Verse 2 – Vice)
Its Friday and like Johnny Kemp i just got paid, my mind on that whylin tip got home got changed
Wifey already got off, she phoned and text me she had VIP passes to a grown n sexy
Club for the evening wait a second hold it up, Not Masters but I do believe we're rollin Dutch
You know whats up, soon as I hit the bar I'm going nuts, Numerous shots leave my eyes wide open shut
Tom Cruisin through traffic I came to reality Gotta pick up my mane Q for practice G
The vibe of the great day distracted me from the NO U-TURN I performed dramatically
Suddenly a check point appears magically, Middle of the afternoon cops set up tactically
Immediately, the cops reacted G, drastically, outta my car they extracted me
License suspended for minor offenses, due to traffic fines, got me behind the fences
Wanna scream out loud "Why yall pigs after, ME?!" Instead smile and say "Good Day Officer"
(Verse 3 – Vice)
Got to ride in the new LS and charger DAMN! Guess the po-po stop pushin those impalas man
Runnin a red light had caused my arrest, didn’t get the ticket cause I hadn’t changed my address
The ticket must have gone to my old residence, Missed the court date due to my own negligence
They caught me on camera when I ran the light kid, I had no idea they had suspended my license
Sorry bro I ain’t know it would go like this, I woulda told you to catch the metro or bike kid
Its alright kid it happens to the best of us, but I need this bail better go call the wife quick!
These handcuffs on my wrists like vice grips, but I’m tight lipped, cuz I ain’t tryna see the nightstick
Neither am I but guess what I did, outta the handcuffs I slipped my right wrist
I ain’t tryna go out like a fugitive or do a bid, but I’m in the driver seat my motive is elude the pigs Start
pullin off they ain’t followin dude, so let’s just see what this new charger can do LETS GO!!!

Why Would You do it to Yourself When you Know it Hurts You

Written By: FunkMnkyz

Why Would You Do it to Yourself When You Know it Hurts You?
(Verse 1 – Vice17)
Here we have Jim he likes to go for a swim in a pool called the bottle where the water is gin he dives
right in hey dudes the water is fine then hit the pool round the bottle where the water is wine he'd swim
all day n all night if u let him sometimes they had to send for paramedics to get him his life was an
episode of intervention he thought the sport swimming was the greatest invention Went off the deep
end one too many times almost had drowned him he had swallowed over 3 liters when they had found
him we all thought he had learned his lesson perhaps but the very next day he was back doin laps Don't
compare him to Michael Phelps American all star Jim's favorite event was embarrassing bar crawl
struggling to stay afloat he was a sad case final leg of the race n he finished n last place Jim was the
victim Lamb to the slaughter just couldn't manage to keep his head above water Dealing urself a bad
hand is da worst dude why would u do to urself when u know it hurts u!
Why would you do it to yourself when you know it hurts you?
It’s a problem with humans that universal
It’s like everyone’s gone way too commercial
Can’t put a price on life, ain’t no infomercial (2x)
(Verse 2 – Vice17)
Christina was such a lil diva almost sixteen young Frankenstina Her charges to her mama's credit card
was off meter when she watched the hills she sided with Audrina Next year she was gonna be a senior
Classmen for her birthday wanted a Beamer A big party she demanded with the cruelest demeanor
basically mandated that her mom MTV her Since her mom wanted to surprise Christina she pretended
told Tina she couldn't have either Tina's response was beyond ungrateful she stormed outta da room
yellin mom I hate you Her Mom followed after her and calmed her down told Tina she was joking let's
go shopping now Her mom knew she Should be harsher with her but she felt bad cuz her father's out
the picture She had done well for herself so she shared it all on her daughter no expense she spared kid
Gave her the grace of Gucci status of Prada the brain of Paris Hilton created a monster The very next day
at Abercrombie and Fitch Tina didn't get her way called mommy a ... Dealing ya self a bad hand is the
worst boo why would you do it to yourself when you know it hurts you!
(Verse 3 - Quest)
Ericka, yeah Ericka
She can’t get it together, she grabs her shirt and her sweater
Her legal age, danger stage
Nino on the way, just the start of the day
Late for work, cell phone, coffee and purse
Should have paid attention its toll, now she’s cursed
Multi-task while she’s driving she pulls out her comb
Too many perms strands falling from her dome
Beautician told her, not the boyfriends calling the phone
“Oh I’m cheating!” “Do you believe this?”
Shouting at the phone while her bunions shouting back
The high heel queen if you know what I mean
Looked up and almost ran a stop light
Eye shadow, lip stick, phone rings, “Who’s This?”
Drops the phone into the coffee, coffee into her eye
Runs into a truck, guess what? Ericka Dies
Why would you do it to yourself when you know it hurts you!


"Don't Feed the Animals" EP - 2006
"Blue Magic" EP - 2008
"Which Way Is Down" LP - July 11

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