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One way ticket gone

Written By: Bruce Funk and Donnie James

"One Way Ticket Gone" "words and music by Bruce Funk and Donnie James"

You never treated me baby
Like I really meant something to you.

You were always to busy
Finding something else better to do.

By the time you hear this song
I'll be making my way along.
(E) (B7)
I'll be case packed, train tracked,
one way ticket gone.
stayed out way past late

with your great big something goin' on.

I heard you comin' through the gate
and it was already half past dawn.

I don't know which way to turn
but there is one thing I learned.
I'll be four door, to the floor,
one way ticket gone.

I'll be no stallin'', freeeee fallin', lasssst callin',
one way ticket gone.

There I go! (spoken)

( guitar solo) (two verses)

You got a million excuses
and it's really gettin' harder to take.

I go to work every morning
and your spending every dime I make.

I always knew that there was something wrong
when I get in your hanging up the phone.
Now I'll be tail gate, interstate,
one way ticket gone.

If theres a moral to my story
Then it just aint hit me yet.
it seems that everything I got
is everything that you're gonna' get

My conclusions are all foregone
Now I'll be livin' my life alone
Gonna be long haulin, free fallin'(name callin')?
One way ticket gone.
I'll be tire spinnin' race winnin'
one way ticket gone

I'll be door slammin', gear jammin', don't give a damnin',
one way ticket gone.