FunkShua uses Jazz, Funk, Latin, Fusion, and Electronic influences to create an original sound that ranges from huge, orchestral "waves of sound" to sensitive, sparse statements that are musically exciting and stunning.


FunkShua is a 6 piece high energy Jazz Fusion/Latin/Electronic Jam Band from Greenville SC. They have been together for 2 years and have a strong reputation in the Upstate, SC area. Their sets are completely improvised, frequently lasting over 2 hours, with any and all styles open to be woven into a hypnotic collage of sounds and feels. The members are veterans of many well-known SC jam and jazz bands, bringing a sophisticated and grooving intuition to their music. Along with strong instrumental skills, they add live looping of individual solos and group jams to the mix to bring a very modern and original flavor to their shows. Currently, FunkShua is in the studio at Sit and Spin Records, working on their first studio CD.


Live at The Handlebar 2006; Live at Chicora Alley 2006; Live at Chicora Alley 2007; Parts of a Funk 2007

Set List

FunkShua's sets are completely improvised. Times run from 1 hour to 2 hour sets.