Funksway is a total of 5 members, all of which have grown up together since childhood north of Toronto in small towns such as Cookstown and Alliston. They have a very diverse interest in music genres. This diversity is reflected in their music. They have a fresh upbeat new sound for all to enjoy


Funksway is a group comprised of 5 childhood friends. They have all played in different bands growing up as they grew creatively. They have recently all come together to create a new creative sound. Funksway draws from several different genres. A bit of jazz influence, hip hop, rock, and pop fused together to give you an easy listening sound you can't help but enjoy. FunkSway has lyrics you can't help but relate to and some amazing guitar solos inspired by their leads jazz background. With funky bass lines, upbeat rhythm melodies and drums guaranteed to get your feet moving Funksway is a sounds like no other. Funksway is currently putting an album together song by song as they record at BlueBox Studios in Barrie Ontario. One can't deny the unique upbeat sounds of Funksway in an era begging for a new band to come along and sweep you off your feet, so sit back grab a drink and enjoy!!!

Set List

A FunkSway set usually is comprised of approx 9 tracks depending on the show and can last anywhere from 30 to 45 min, longer if necessary. Funksway usually plays only their original track but has been known to play some covers. FunkSways playlist currently consiits of:
1. Down the Road
2. Walk on By
3. Search my Soul
4. Can't Stop
5. This Boy
6. Don't Count on Me
7. Made a Mistake
8. Drink it Away
9. New Shoes