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I am different from anyone else I've heard in the Christian hip hop community. Growing up in a very different place and being Asian American has contributed to that fact. I believe I, with God, can bring about a new face and fan base for Christian hip hop.


I've always dreamed of becoming a Christian rapper since the time I was saved, doing local performances with my youth group back in high school. For a couple years I've fallen away from that dream, until just recently God re-installed that dream. So now I'm chasing after.


Ballad of a Soldier

Written By: Funk Thug

hold on, hold on yeah//
one more step, hold that grip Lord//
help me ee ee ee hold on to you(hold on to you)//

this is for the ones that just keep pressin on//
you cant stop us we keep pressin on//
we tough and we will not be stopped//
stand in our way and no lie, you will be dropped//

i know there are those times when we hang our heads//
on the verge of the edge is where we like to tread//
and find we are led by our flesh//
that aint gone happen man let it be said//

we Christians wont be lead by the dead//
we wont ignore it we'll address it instead//
cuz we gone fight til the end, ima fight til im dead//
and hope to fight with righteous men//

and we come as the Spirit guides us//
it'll be mightier than the touch of Midas//
we fighters forever, God ride us where ever//
whom shall we fear we're on the side of forever//

He Still Loves Me

Written By: Funk Thug

you know what i've been bad, and i been worse//
i didnt have to break ya heart with only words//
my actions are the same ol shameful painful//
doins but i got hope i can change yo//

thats all i got left, and i dont wanna lose it//
so thats why i try to capture it in this music//
and even the chance to do that shows Your unending mercy//
when i hurt i know You running to nurse me//

and it hurts to know how bad You been treated//
by me and my action i know just where its leading//
straight down the road of the defeated//
which is why i dont deserve everything You give to me//

so i-i try to find a better way to live my life//
i made so many mistakes im just tryna get it right//
can you show me i'll try keep my mind open//
cuz i dont wanna lose hope in you//

i cant even begin to count how many times i did You wrong//
so many songs that i put my sins on//
and its been so long since i put my sins on//
a pen and a pad and a beat to my rap//

because i know of your amazing grace//
ya know where i aint good enough but you still love me//
no matter the sins, no matter how ugly//
i know that you still love me//

and that in itself is enough to bring me down to my knees//
cuz i was bound to my deeds but you allowed me to be//
as pure and white as the snow//
im so proud to be clean alive and i grow//

cuz your wonderful mercy and ya wonderful grace//
it gives me the hope i need while im runnin this race//
and im lovin this place, where you hold my head right under you face//

i dont understand Lord how do you do this//
forgivin the people that's given ya bruises//
and makin ya tears fall and claimin ya useless//
and everything that you said they sayin its truthless//

but ya still love us and thats the mystery//
a motive though to love ya more at least thats what it is to me//
the purest kinda love and the realest//
intially taken for granted and maybe still is//

see my villians is gettin to feelins and i feel it//
but you always brings me back with that letter ya that written//
sayin you've forgiven all my sinning with Jesus as my witness//
reforming my attitude to one that listens//

this is so beautiful i just wanna thank you//
paint you a masterpiece usin my words as a brush//
to express as best i can the love//
i have for you//

Son You Are My Son

Written By: Funk Thug

how can i breathe another breath given from above//
i dont give back enough, you could practically announce it as no love//
my life's a mistake director call cut//
i needa take five i got sins in my gut//

i know you forgive me but how long could it last//
twice is too much i'd forget it and dash//
i've done it to you a million times in the past//
do i really treat you better than i do trash?//

what can i do that i haven't already done//
i'd rather sleep than talk to Your Son//
my life's not a joke, this time i dont have a pun//
Father i'm a mistake i am not your son//

it's time for me to throw in the towel//
i dont want to but i am a coward//
i know You are Lord and Lord of mercy//
but i cant serve You i am not worthy//

son you are my son, and I love you more than you know//
through the skies and the trees i want you to know that I am here, i am here

these are the things that i know about my God//
He loves me more than anything and listens when i call//
He will hold me in His palm, when i fall//
all is given still im menacing//

He sent His only Son to suffer into sin//
He'd only work in love He was so innocent//
all this is stressin me out i need some medicine//
Love is the theme if the testaments//

But love is my theme for this world//
i'm sick of the roller coaster im about to hurl//
Jesus promised that we would perform miracles//
it seems to go in one and out the other ear it goes//

my life was good before as i look back//
when i saw the opportunity i shook that//
to be a better man i knew i shoulda took that//
but i didn't now i struggle with these burdened book bags//


look i idolize myself in my family parish//
i just dont connect it's not like the peas and the carrots//
so i look for my celery mask and i wear it//
hide the sickness, it's gotta be scary//

i took it off once and it was shade to the flower//
i cant believe we even made it this hour//
it's by the grace of God and God alone//
i need to change my ways cuz this ain't my home//

i need to prepare myself for His return//
the desire is deep but i know that it burns//
i just want it to be over please come//
and speak the words, you are my son//

son you are my son, and i love you, and i love you and i love you