Funkturm's organic electronica extracts and re-assembles strands of various ambient and electronic music, creating a stimulating and unique montage of free-flowing structures, exciting rhythms and evocative sounds, conjuring images and sound collisions that seem simultaneously strange yet reassuring


Funkturm began recording in 1996, and is processed, programmed and produced by Richard Gallon. Originally a studio project, Gallon is now collaborating with various dj's & vocalists for live performance & recordings. In a performance setting, Funkturm's mesh of skewed tunes and hypnotic electronic rhythms are re-created and re-configured using various analogue and digital technologies, turntables and samples.

Sounds Likes:
Aphex Twin / Severed Heads / Cabaret Voltaire making minimalist film music.


"Other Voices" forthcoming CD album
"Strata" CD album - D.O.R. ADOR 419
"Subtitles" 12" EP - D.O.R. ADOR 1409
"Urban Mantras" CD album - D.O.R. ADOR 409
"Operation Mind Control" CD album - D.O.R. ADOR 401

Set List

40 minutes for a live performance. An hour or more for a DJ set