Funk Two Eleven

Funk Two Eleven

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A crazy, warped talented group of musicians of many travels. Zero egos and sworn to uphold the funk. Together about 3 years and we've been the best kept secret according to all who have seen us in action. Slowly becoming a regional favorite, our plan of attack is to hit as many major events .


We are influenced the most by P-Funk, Slave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Jam & Lewis, Weapon Of Choice, Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, Kool and the Gang, Prince, The Time, Liquid Soul, Chic, Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Chicago House music, Detroit Techno, Midwest Hip-Hop/Jazz


My Confession

Written By: Nick Clarkson and Geno Hinton

From one relationship to another doesn’t mean much to some people
When one ends then the search begins for another
Then one day all of that changes
When you realize that someone you lost was more important than your ego

1st verse
Now that I think about it
How did I end up like that?
Don’t believe that I did it
Breakin’ hearts by deceivin’
Never even having a conscience

1st chorus:
Cuz now I feel the need for more
The emptiness and shallowness
I no longer endorse

2nd verse:
So long I wanted somebody
Where I could say my heart belongs
Wrap myself up in it
Take a chance on committin’
Yes, someone that I can confess to

2nd chorus:
Now I feel the need to be loved
Someone to hold; to have; and to adore

So I must confess
I need more than that
No I won’t ignore
Because I need so much more
Where I feel I’m right at hom

Two of Us

Written By: James Dixon and Geno Hinton

Descent of the fallen rain
The hint of another man
Intention of happiness
But nothing to gain but pain
Such is the cost of chance
Other than facing life alone
But love without my lady is just a house that's not a home

Never in my life have I feel so satisfied
No matter how hard the times you were always by my side
There's a presence of another
I can see it in your eyes
But life without my baby
Is too much to be denied

Two of us together forever
Like no other
Two of us together forever

I thought that the two of us
Was a dream that came true
But you shattered my dream to think I put my faith in you
I rather pay now then later
Then to be a broken woman
I've done all I could for you baby
So I'm leaving while I can

I can't go on pretending feeling the way I do
It's times like this baby I have no faith in you
Now I realize that you and I were never meant to be
When you wakeup you discover
It's not just your reality

Two of us together forever
Like no other
Two of us together forever
Two of us together forever
Like no other
Two of us together forever yours

Baby I was wrong
What can I do to make things better
Baby, treat me the way you use to do, use to do
Let's make this a happy home
Love me
I love you
Love me
I love you
I won't hold back
Come on baby
Won't hold back, no more, no more
I want to satisfy, I want to satisfy

Love Don't

Written By: Geno Hinton and Gyro

It's got to the point girl where we have faded
This is jaded, the role of an asshole I played it
Mistakes you made it
You weigh heavy on my heart so forgiveness is favored
We have to much in common girl, we're both trouble makers
Crazy affection keeps my guard down, I slipped to pay attention
A teen is resurrected I become your protection
A smile that made statement the Amazement was my patience
I was slowly persuaded when my boys hated, sayin that you were playin me along
I thought they were playahatin
It's so hard to believe, I could be so naive
Until it was clearly demonstrated that love can make you cling with greed
When these feeling stampede
And your lying to yourself if you don't agree
You have to protect yourself to a certain degree
Cause the only one lookin out for me is me
No situation is comfortable....
Cause days like this were never meant to be...

You abandon me love don't live here anymore
There's no vacancy love don't live here anymore

Now there's a lesson in protection that has drivin my confessions
Loves lonely burden has been teachin me a lesson
Everything that glitters... ain't always gold
Every story isn't true... that has been told
How can you believe what you can't see?
Except for what people say and with closed eyes all I see is misery
And I could think that I'm far from wrong
But my conscious says that you’re gone
He cross on my wall has dawned on everything
And I've been told you need pain to make you stronger
But I don't think I can take this withdrawal much longer
And it's been hard to except the neglect
I never came to expect from a person I thought love could represent
But that's bullshit
I just can't hold on
The only thing I'm holdin on to is the mic in this song
Now I could completely loose it and spill a hate version
But instead I'll be honest cause that makes me the better person..

You abandon me love don't live here anymore
There's no vacancy love don't live here anymore

You know that feeling, when you don't know what you’re talkin about?
Until that day everything just kinda comes out
Now I understand all the lies all actions finally justified
I was a caged animal antagonize
A love story dramatized
Deeply analyzed/ everything I thought was everything, not to my surprise
And I can admit that I was lost
There was so many times that I played soft
Well it's my turn to go off
When I noticed the change I couldn't react
Let’s reenact the lack of interest that you put back
When you had excuses you only stuttered
Remember you said "he reminds you of me when I was younger"
Now nothing is set in stone
Flashbacks when I had to wake up in bed stone cold and all alone
I just can't wait to see how your broke ass lives
At least you got you new man, a new mom, and a new kid...

You abandon me love don't live here anymore
There's no vacancy love don't live here anymore


Blue Print is the name of our CD. No we have not been able to get radio airplay.

Set List

Take a chance
Respect yourself
Highway cruise
Brothaman handshake