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"Me So Nerdy"

Missed his senior prom to do inventory at RadioShack. Still not geeky enough for you? He also completed his CompTIAA+ certification in 11 minutes. Aw, snap!
Sample: “When I had a modem it was hella exotic / Now high bandwidth is my narcotic.” - Wired Magazine

"Finally! Science Rap Music For Children"

Just imagine, all the cool and funky beats of rap music coupled with the wholesome words we use in science class. What a concept! And please, don't be hate'n on me because you didn't think of it first.

To lead this movement, I nominate Tampa's own Steven Rush, also known as, "Funky49." Funky is the self proclaimed Rap Ambassador of Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). Funky49 takes pride in his hella tight Beastie Boy-ish style. -

"Nerdcore is alive and well in Tampa!"

Nerdcore is alive and well in Tampa!

funky49, a.k.a. Steven Rush of Temple Terrace, was once mentioned in a Wired article about hip-hop that caters to computer programmers and other proud geeks. He recently released Rapbassador, a digital album about the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry. You’d roll your eyes at the sheer geekiness of it — “Wait a sec, let your eyes focus/ you’re face to face with a diplodocus!” — if only funky49’s Beasties-esque dance-rap wasn’t so tight. “If I can have fun and draw some attention to Tampa’s MOSI,” Rush said, “it is a win.” - Tampa Bay Times

"Missing pretzels, nerdy hip hop and x-rated fun"

The next act was Neil’s friend Funky 49. He took the stage with another rapper (who looked older and either Mexican or Hawaiian and burst into a wild performance. I must say they were pretty good. Their beats were a little generic, but they flowed really well and had a rock star energy about them. Funky 49 hopped around the stage while his partner in crime looked tough and stuck his tongue out (Gene Simmons style) for almost every single picture. I didn’t get the whole “nerd” part at first, it wasn't until I realized what they were singing about that it clicked into place. Even though they performed like your average rap group , it was their lyrics which made them "nerdy". One song which was about role playing games was actually pretty good I liked the descriptive lyrics. And the next song went something like this (you’ve got dial up, I’ve got broadband).

The diversified crowd of nerds and preppy Forever 21 girls went pretty wild over the act. The energy was slightly contagious as Funky jumped into the audience and high fived his loyal patrons. I thought they sounded somewhat like Cypress Hill minus the psychedelic flavor, while Neil heard a definite Beastie Boys influence. Half way through their set, my friend and music critic Julie G, showed up. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to them, but she smiled a lot and shook her ass a little, so I think she enjoyed them. Their act ended abruptly after they ran out of music. - "hysterical blindness"

"Ahh, newness …"

Funky 49 is a Tampa-based performer who might appeal to people who enjoy MC Chris. He’s got a pretty good flow and clever rhymes. His songs touch on really badass street-tough topics, such as the role-playing game World of Warcraft and broadband vs. dial-up. - tampastica


I have many singles and collaborations, with my musical crown jewel is my CD, Starblazer. Starblazer is available on iTunes/CDBaby/etc and has a music video for the song "Starblazer".

For the RPM Challenge in 2007+2008, I have worked with redvoid with the albums "Divebombing" and "Prestidigichillitation"

With the Emergency Pizza Party, I have worked on music and lyrics for the "Z.E.D." album and live show.

March 2009 I released the Rapbassador EP, a free online album to support Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry. Download:

My music has been heard on stages, podcasts and on college radio and mp3 players everywhere.



Steven Rush aka funky49 is all over the map like Carmen Sandiego. Let's focus on him being a producer and a rapper. He's made music with two boomboxes and a cheap sampling keyboard, with Amiga MOD trackers, pirated software and whatever it took to get the idea in his brain to your ears. Currently he has a home studio with professional gear and Pro Tools.

Best known for his Beastie Boys remixes and rapping, funky49's rhymes found a home in the nerdcore rap movement. Since joining the nerdcore community, he has performed live coast-to-coast opening for acts such as mc chris, performed at Nerdapalooza SE 07 & 08, been interviewed by college radio stations & in podcasts and released his first album, Starblazer.

funky49 credits electronic music classes at the Unversity of South Florida, old school hip-hop and his circle of friends for influencing his sound. funky49's greatest influence has been from his friend Redvoid, producer & DJ of Florida Breaks and electro-house music.