Funky Dory

Funky Dory


Funky Dory is fast, fresh and funky! It's a mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz, and amp-melting rock that gets people dancing. Check out our new album Fists of Funk, complete with funky superhero comic in Funk-O-Scope!


Funky Dory is fast, fresh, fun and funky. The band's furious live show has been filling bars with sweaty dancing folks since 2001. The music is inspired by the big funk bands of the 70's from James Brown and Stevie Wonder to Tower of Power and Parliament Funkadelic, along with modern funk, rock and jazz. Most of the band met at music school here in Newfoundland and has played in funk and raggae bands, rock bands, jazz bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. Our original tunes have a common theme of funkiness and dancing grooves running through them, but we like to go in a lot of different directions within that. In "Manic" we're grooving full force with a saucy rock-out guitar solo.. in "Philthy" we're holding the groove back and using the spaces between to make you move! In "The Ladder" we're sticking it to the man with a vengeance! Pick up our album "Fists of Funk" and you might just have to close the blinds so the neighbours don't see the FunkySoulGrooveDanceMachine party you're having in your living room!

The band has gotten crowds moving at countless bar shows, two MusicNL (Music Newfoundland and Labrador) awards conferences, St. Pierre's (a small island owned by France) Bastille Day celebrations, St. John's Peace-A-Chord festivals, The St. John's Jazz Festival (now called the "Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Festival,") a number of charitable events, and several appearances on Roger's television's "Out of the Fog" and "Summer Breeze". The media have been taking notice of the album, too. We just had a great review in The Telegram (the province's main newspaper) and we've recently done radio interviews on CBC, Newfoundland's K-Rock and St. John's campus station CHMR. In November 2007 we played at the MusicNL awards show, and were nominated for three MusicNL awards: Group of the Year, Jazz Group of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. In the summer of 2009 Funky Dory will be traveling to Rochester, New York for the Rochester Jazz Festival, and we are in the process of booking a Canadian tour.

Adam Foran
(709) 753-2399


The Ladder

Written By: Adam Foran

Diluted truth and deluded youth
-knowledge is only power if it's put to use-
Tried to climb the ladder found the rungs were loose
-sick of hearing "yeah but what can I do?"-
Blame me, blame yourself, blame the kings, blame the wealth
Blame the media blitz and Paul Wolfowitz

Finally see what's in front of my eyes
Too late to criticize
Too late to save me, too late for surprise
But I knew it all along
Tell me who wants to see truth through these pretty lies

The crime is mine, our time a straight line:
Birth, growth, hate, destruction ignore the signs
The stage is set for the end of days
And I'm working hard, working hard for my raise
Found out as a young man apathy pays
Now I can't recall where I lost my way


-carrying capacity, overshoot, collapse, extinction...-
I saw sixteen thousand birds killed overnight
Moths to the flame of one red tower light
I saw twenty four million pounds of antibiotics pumped into mcbeef, now I hear the sound of the drum
The march of agressive, infectious, predatory species
Don't think for a second that we're the least of these
When our leaders don't believe in the facts
Fuck belief, cause death is not a choice and that's that



Fists of Funk (2007)

Set List

We usually have three fifty minute sets rehearsed at any point, though there's always more covers to pull out too.

Original tunes:
Go On
Making the Means
The Ladder
Dancin Pants
Das Ist Nine
Sticky Buns
Fast One
I Got Soul
Groove Control
K9 Unit

Get Up Offa That Thing (James Brown)
Funky Good Time (James Brown)
Pass the Peas (Fred Wesley and the JBs)
Squib Cakes (Tower of Power)
Funky Stuff (Kool and the Gang)
Lakeshore Phatty (Pocket Dwellers)
Funky Town (Lipps Inc - Greazy Meal.. well we're not just gonna bust out a straight up disco tune now are we.. you'd just have to hear how we go about it.)
Birk's Works (Dizzy Gillespie)
The Sinister Minister (Bella Fleck and the Flecktones)
Use the Force (Jamiroquai)
Too Hot To Stop (The Bar-Kays)