The Elements

The Elements


HAMMOND B3 - FUNK, SOUL & BOOGALOO ~ The Elements currently play a mixed set of original instrumental and vocal soul tunes. Funky Hammond B3 bass lines, soulful horns; The Elements brand of Funk, Soul & Boogaloo will surely get you movin'.


You thought soul music was a thing of the past? What happened to Florida's soul, funk, and R&B scene? Spencer Garn formed Element Records in late 2004, which is the record label and force behind the band that is making it known that there is a new generation of musicians dedicated to soul, and they are indeed Florida musicians with a passion for great music.

This group is not trying to "make it big on radio" or get some major label record deal. We are into great music that can be appreciated by people world wide, and we have an interest in reaching out to people and making sure that Florida residents, can get their share of live soul and funk music if they feel they are missing that part of their live music experience.

The Elements, currently just a Florida touring group, are working on the full length CD album, and more vinlyl too, due for release in early 2006. The label is focusing on getting the group to other states and cities in 2006 once the full length release is out.


For the dubut 7" 45 vinyl release, The Elements were joined in the studio by two very special guests: the legendary guitarist MELVIN SPARKS and saxophonist COCHEMEA GASTELUM (Robert WalterÂ’s 20th Congress).

Set List

The Elements currently play a mixed set of original instrumentals and vocal soul tunes with Wester Joseph.