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"Cutting Edge TOKYO Style in its latest" Regular dose of Japanese Pop-Culture like Anime and Computer games has mad a cool and pop hip hop unit - FUNKY MONKEY BABYS.


Formed in 2004, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS are a hip hop unit of 2MC's and 1DJ. The unit has started to do massive rounds of live shows at clubs in Tokyo and Yokohama area. It was not long since they have started to build up some reputation among the kids hanging out in the clubs. In May 2004, they happened to be spotted by a French event organizer when performing at a club in Japan. Shortly after, the unit has found themselves been invited to Niece, France, to make their first ever International performance (2 shows).
In March 2005, their self-produced tracks had won the second many votes at a demo-tape contest held by a FM Radio Show.

With a twist of Pop and Rock in their style FUNKY MONKEY BABYS are earning rapid attention in the scene as the Hip hop unit for the New Generation!!


September 2004: Mini-album (limited Edition)
January 2005: "Sonomanma Higashi e"(single)

Set List

1. Che-ke-ra-cho (English working title: check-it-out)
2. Go! Go! Rider
3. Koi no Katamichi Kippu (One-Way Ticket for Love)
4. Sonomanma Higashi e (Keep Going to the East)
5. Egao (Smile)