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I cooked on the grille last weekend. The whole production is trump tight. Christina we're going to throw five mics (The maximum) at you and your crew. To all Label Heads this artist has set a track record. She's a definite follow up. - Jaye -

Aficionados of independent music who mine for jewels among the rhinestones should prioritize the CD "Spiritually Wet" by Christina Fasano..... - Leonard Ives -

and delivers probably the best funkypop record in years. I found it very easy to get into this CD, and so should you.
- Dennis Fitt - State of The Rock World

“............This voice isn't a carbon copy of anything you've heard before....”
- Jodi Krangle - - Songwriter Sportlight

“Slammin' Funk. Danceable Funk. Harmonious Funk. Sensuous Funk. Super-well produced Funk. Christina Fasano is what they call a ‘Star’......"
- Vic Gemmingen - Renegade Newsletter, Industry Edition

“ What a great album.....a real treat. Fasano has combined elements of pop with P-Funk and thrown in some Prince (the Revolution era) to make this the most danceable album of the year.
Great songs,great hooks. Christina is on the road to become a STAR if the right person (major labels) take notice. Her CD is doing very well with over 1,200 sold so far and its only March.”
- Michael Sullivan - National Booking Agent

“......... Mixing fun, danceable, highly rhythmic funk with lyrics of encouraging acceptance and personal spirituality, this is one of the more danceable thought-provokers we've received.”     

- Melyssa Harmon - GetFancy! Music Mag - Spin It

“..... hip-swaying, heated, sultry dancing sorta way, but also the movement of expanding consciousness. Each song calms the mind and enlivens the soul. It's the positive messages set to vivacious beats that make ‘Spiritually Wet’ so enticing......”

- Tammy Gifford, Risque Radio 91.7 FM, WHUS, Storrs

“I haven’t heart music this fun, this good, and this funky in a long time. The music on this album draws you into a world where the music is sexy and sensual.....” “this is music that can’t and shouldn’t be denied.”
- Gunther G -

“...with the true soul of an artist under her skin.”

“...simultaneously entering the body of a natural born funky white woman.”
- C.J. Cauley - Shock Value Music Webzine


(C)(P) 1999 FWG Records
2001 Los Angeles Music R&B Award
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(C)(P) 2008 FWG Records
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(Limited Edition Single)
(C)(P) 2007 FWG Records
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~ DEMO DISK (Covers) 2003
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Christina Fasano, the original 'fUnKywHiTeGiRl,' who took home the 2000 R & B Artist Award from the 10th Annual LA Music Awards; was a top 10 runner up in the 2000 John Lennon R & B songwriter contest category; gained endless stellar CD reviews, numerous print and live web interviews; and who won several online Artist of the Month Awards in 2000 and 2001, morphed into Cee Cee James in 2002 and began 7 years of intense life changes that turned her upside down and inside out as a person and took her deep into the roots of where it all starts... the blues.

Her 'fUnKywHiTeGiRl' persona and music went on hold during this time as she worked the rock blues circuits with her band, and went through the loss of a precious man and made a life changing move from California into the Northwest. There she has continued on with her dream of giving deeply of her life through her performance, voice and song, and has just recently released a new CD full or original Roots Rock and Blues entitled "Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl."

Certainly NOT TO BE PUT ON HOLD any longer, Christina, AKA Cee Cee James is reviving her fantastic 'fUnKywHiTeGiRl' 'award winning' CD 'Spiritually Wet' and its seriously funky, fun, and deeply contemplative material.

Even though 'Spiritually Wet' won awards, got stellar reviews, and caused quite a stir in 2000 and 2001, the songs never received the 'performance' appreciation they seriously deserved.

However now that life has eased up on the life changing soul and heart lessons, Cee Cee is ready to get her 'fUnKywHiTeGiRl' music and her Roots Rock and Blues out through live performance, licensing, radio, television and whatever other avenues present themselves.

Cee Cee is one of the most 'real and raw' performers out there and has been endlessly compared to Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and Stevie Ray Vaughn in her stage performances. Her voice and expression reach down immediately into the gut, grab a hold, and don't let go until days after the last note is sung.

She moves inside a seductive and contemplative vibe with lyrics that seduce the soul inwards, upwards, or wherever it chooses to go.

Writing her lyrics from a place of need - for freedom and the feeling that we all want to discover and be accepted for who we are from our core individual essence.

Cee Cee is extremely hard working, easy to work with and is available for trio and full band performances as well as lyric/song writing for other artists.