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"From 11/22/06"

If you're looking for easily definable, lulling music, then don't look to Fun Machine. They're an experimental band whose music is for the musically adventurous, and they will perfrom on Nov. 25 at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. The band from Fords, NJ developed a sound that seems to come from a different time and place and is not limited to the instruments typically seen in a four-member band. Instead, they use a combination of synthesizers, guitars, organs, bass guitars, and percussion to create a quirky style. In addition to using less conventional instruments, Fun Machine also break free from well-defined structure in their songs. Listeners can't tell where the band's songs will lead them even after a second listen. Their song 'Liquid Pants' appears to end in the middle and start again in a different frame of mind, going through a wider range of emotions and ideas in one song than some artists do on an entire album. Did you expect anything less from a band that has been influenced by the classic rock of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the punk sounds of the Dead Kennedys and NOFX, the classical music of Schoenberg and Bach, and the inspiration from lucid dreams and nightmares?

By Divya Gunasekaran
- The Aquarian

"Spring 2008"

Fun Machine scores points with me on ?gBlok 1?? for several reasons:

1. Sheer oddity.
2. The transitions between differing forms of the oddity.
3. The quality of the oddity.
4. The diversity of the oddity.

Should more oddity be incorporated into every nation?fs education program? You bet. Should oddity be prevalent in our daily working life? Of course! Does the future of mankind depend on embracing oddity? YES!


'Fun Machine'
'Liquid Pants' single
Receiving local college airplay...

'SonnenHuhn' the new full length will be in stores Feb. 23rd, and it is now available online at all major online retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.

It is already being played on college stations such as Princeton Radio 103.3 WPRB FM, independent stations such as Music for Listeners and Local Honey, and abroad on radio shows in the UK, France, and Germany.



Fun Machine were undoubtedly born from milk and will be the first people to live on the surface of the sun. This is the best way of explaining the music if you do not know the band. Emerging from nowhere, the songs wind their way through otherworldly terrains gathering all manners of freaks along the way. Wherever the music turns, you and Fun Machine will be there, carrying each others moments into the future. Part of that future is with their full length "Sonnenhuhn" which is currently available for digital download and is out in stores on Feb. 23rd. Art collective turned record label BNS Sessions will be releasing the full length with distribution by Cargo Records (Europe/Digital) and Carrot Top Records (USA/North America).