Funny Funeral

Funny Funeral


Nothing you have heard before. A mirage of personalitys, and influences mixed into one. Talented young musicians whos main goal is to help perfect the music industry


Hailing from the under parts of elyria,OH this band has come forth to destroy all things not punk. an underground horror punk band who doesnt give a damn, slews brain teasing lyrics at their audiences, that run around the idea of zombies being in love, vampires being afraid of blood, and view suicide as a laughing matter. influenced by classic horror movies, the horror pops and all horror punk bands alike, this band will blow you away.


My Superdrug

Written By: Funny Funeral

(My Superdrug)

It wasnt supposed to be like this
you left me alone
and now Im feelin pissed
It feels like ive been
buried alive by you

Its been 3 years and Ive found
myself drowning in self doubt
Im trying to find a way
to make it through tommorrows day

(repeat 2x)(Chorus)
Everything has just
Flown right by
bad things happen
but I have no time to cry

Since you left me
everything has fallen down
crash and burn
when will i learn
I dont need you to survive


Ive found out
That all of my self doubt
was in my mind
when will you learn
that without me
you cant survive


Single 2004- Destroy All-featuring=
1. Destroy all
2.Mommy, your son sold his soul to the devil

2005- EP- Death to us Part
1.Mommy, your son soul to the devil
2.Poison Pit
3.My Superdrug
4.Monster Mash

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