Greenville, Mississippi, USA
BandHip HopR&B

First off FunSyzD represents our music and our goal, our goal is to continue to be Faithful Sisters Devoted, and as far our music, is to get it to be heard, and loved. We are here to entertain our audience or viewers and anything we do! We are FunSyzD!


As highly talented high school females, born and raise in a unknown town of Mississippi, we joined forces with a dream in mind. We are very unique compared to other groups, and organizations because we are for sure, FULLY dedicated to what we do. Our influences include but are not limited to: Nicki Minaj influences us because of not what she does, and how people see her but what she stands for, she gave us the knowledge that females can do just what the others do. God is for surely one of our influences because, he got us here, and got us linked together to bring forth life in our music. Our parents support fully and encourage us to continue on our journey!


As of now we have no songs on live radio airplay but we do have completed recorded songs which are listed below:
Hello Kid -FunSyzD
Barbie Criminals-FunSyzD
Harajuku Horror- FunSyzD
Go Hard You Know- FunSyzD
Can't Help it- FunSyzD
Party With Em- FunSyzD
Pin Up Doll- FunSyzD