Fur Dixon and Steve Werner

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner sound like they've been performing together all their lives. They sing perfect two-part-harmonies and write timeless western-folk songs that people love to sing along with. Road stories and wise cracking humor complete an action packed live show that kids & grownups love.


February 2009 has brought the release of Fur Dixon and Steve Werner's new CD: Travelers. While the theme shares a common thread with their 2006 CD the Pearl and The Swine, you might say that Travelers takes the listener on an inner journey. The material for this record has been honed by appreciative concert audiences who allow the true dynamics of the duo's songwriting to be fully appreciated.
This is western folk music, road music, but not of the super highway or the congested city street. It's music of the little alternate that leads off into open spaces. It’s the music of adventure and longing, written on dashboards and motel rooms with the wisdom that can only be gained in those big spaces between the towns.

2009 also marks the sixth year of Fur and Steve's partnership. From the start they have agreed to allow their music to unfold in a natural organic process. Their goal is to create a fun and uplifting experience for the players and the listeners.

Fur Dixon lives and writes in her own beloved West. Fruit trees, friendly faces, desolate desert highways and music of the cowboy, are in the front of her mind as she wades to work through L.A. city traffic. Not quite a realist, Fur believes that she can create the world she wants to be in through song and imagination, by remembering the past and bringing it up into the now.

Steve Werner likes to write new old songs that have a smoky western campfire flavor. He writes, yodels and sings damn fine American folk songs. Born with a compulsion for travel, His world is populated by bikers, cowboys, tumbleweeds and truck drivers; tough, restless types who itch for any excuse to get on the road. Lately, he writes most songs in his head while traveling on motorcycles. When he met Fur Dixon, he found the one girl in the solar system that gets what he is doing, cause she’s doing it too.

Together, Fur and Steve are a combination that can’t be matched. In their guitars there’s the smoke of a thousand campfires. When they sing harmony it’ll raise the hair on your arms. Listen to their words and you’ll want to pack up your traveling bag, climb into the back of their pickup truck and head out for a musical joyride down the dusty highways and backroads of the American west.


Travelers (2009)
The Pearl and the Swine (2006)
Live on the Nixon Tapes (2004)

Set List

Fur and Steve perform concerts, house concerts, festivals and fairs. They play private functions in a concert type setting only.
Customarily they perform a 2 hour show with a break in between (to meet and greet and sell some Cd's).
Lots of great originals as well as old favorites that are sure to please. Lots of up tempo toe-tappers as well as simple yet moving ballads.
Here's a sampling of one long set:
Journey To Another Side (Dixon-Taylor)
Road Outside My Door (S. Werner)
My Blue Yodel (F. Dixon)
Right on time (S. Werner)
Ventura County Line (F. Dixon)
Homesick For The Highway Blues (S.Werner)
Where Are We Going? (F. Dixon)
Every day A Different Journey (S. Werner)
If I Wake Up Tomorrow (F. Dixon)
Gentle On My Mind (J. Hartford)
Shady Grove (Traditional)
Dough Re Mi (W.Guthrie)
Orange Blossom Special (B. Monroe)
Brother Tumbleweed (S. Werner)
The Pearl and the Swine (S. Werner)
I Walk The Line (Carter-Kilgore)
Backroads and Blue Skies (Werner-Dixon)