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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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With Le Tigre signed to a major label, who will represent for NYC DIY punk-electro girl love now? Why, Fur Cups for Teeth, of course! Armed with keyboards, drum machines, guitars, and a whole lot of toys, these three Brooklyn girls party like electroclash never died.
--Amy Phillips
- Kitty Magik #10

Meret Oppenheimer’s Luncheon in Fur is splashed across Fur Cups For Teeth’s website, demonstrating that they’re following in Le Tigre’s footsteps by packaging feminist theory in fun, danceable pop music that’s still gritty and kitschy enough for the Dickies-wearing vegans who worshipped Bikini Kill in high school. They play electronic pop using toys from the ‘80s, wear colored tights and vintage pumps, and they’re even from Brooklyn! Who knew that Simon could be an instrument as well as a prize for toy collectors? - Weeklink

Fur Cups For Teeth doesn’t hang with the riot grrls, but the band is too hardcore for the Catholic-school girl crowd. These girls seem to have upended the notion of femininity in the punk-rock scene. They know how to plan a cute, tight-fitting wardrobe and can squeal with the best of us, yet they still maintain a steady level of cred in the underground New York music scene.

- State College, PA

"What do you get when you combine distorted power chords, speak n' spells, kazoos and wailing Kathleen Hanna-esque female vocals? You get 'Fur Cups For Teeth' and their debut EP 'Allergic 2 Fur'. This album is a riot grrrl's less politically crazy kid sister that has undergone much better production than it ever would have in 1994. Don't get me wrong though, this IS a feminist-conscious Brooklyn-based trio, they played Lady Fest East, but they certainly aren't wailing "suck my left one" like Bikini Kill did ten years ago.

Jeannie Kim, Nicole Whelan and Keach Hagey are really hot Brooklyn girls that collaborated and recorded this album with Hillary Johnson. The girls are electroclash hip-shakers in a way Bikini Kill never was with swaggering lyrics like "I wouldn't give a little bit of me for designer jeans and I wouldn't take what you've lost for a $100 haircut" in "$100 Haircut". You'll find yourself totally doing the running man and hand clapping to the cheereleading layered over vocals in "Mystery Train". Watch out Le Tigre, you've got some competition."

Fur Cups for Teeth's EP "Allergic 2 Fur" named one of Philadelphia City Paper's Best CDs of 2004 - Philadelphia City Paper

"Allergic 2 Fur" makes The Village Voice's Pazz & Jop "Best Albums" list of 2004 - The Village Voice

Chief Mag profile:

http://www.chiefmag.com/issues/6/profiles/Fur-Cups-For-Teeth/?PHPSESSID=71a8a8f3ce09614f623eaff885718fb9 - Chief Magazine, current issue

"Take the trappings of electro and add toy instruments such as Simon and a Speak & Spell and you'd probably see us racing for the door. But credit Fur Cups For Teeth's sense of humor about what they, and others, are doing with such tools, and you begin to understand why the trio's self-released EP, Allergic 2 Fur, is such a charmer." - Time Out New York

Part vacuum-pushing pep squad, part women's studies posse, Fur Cups for Teeth are foot soldiers in the dance revolution. Last year's self-released Allergic 2 Fur EP was on the same page — sonically, politically and quality-wise — as Le Tigre's This Island. From the absurdist manifesto "Boxed Lunch" to the dubby, Simon-sampling "Christmas Presence," the Brooklyn trio mixes electro and rock with aplomb. For their next trick, Jeannie Kim says they've replaced the canned beats with Dead Betties drummer Derek Pippin. The new tracks split the difference in styles, with the pro-Bouvier "Edie Idol" in the electro category and the anti-Bush "Ce Soir" in the rock pile. Now in the mixing stage, the songs have been honed onstage and just need a home on disc. "We hope they will be done by the end of the year," Kim says, "and hopefully by then someone will want to sign us and help us distribute the album." Who wouldn't? - MJ Fine

“Stand-out tracks include the grooving, “Going To Bars,” which verges on electro-snob, but the woo-woooo of a slide whistle removes any and all pretentions. And you've gotta give it up for the revved-up vacuum cleaner slicing through "Happy For, Proud Of." “Mystery Train” is undoubtedly the money-shot song on this eight-track CD. The soulful chorus, “Darling, darling, your love is like a mystery trai-ai-ain/ Wherever it goes, it goes and it ain't never coming' back-ack-ack-ack,” intertwines seamlessly with a bust-out-you-pom-poms cheer. If you ain't careful, the Train will pummel through your brain."
Starred review! - Punk Planet


"Fun Luck You Keep," LP, is due out in the fall.

"Allergic 2 Fur," EP, 2003. Recorded by Hillary Johnson (ex-Crowns on 45).

Single "Mystery Train" appeared on "New York Noise" compilation LP, 2004, with Tall Boys, Dirty on Purpose and Boy Skout. It was also selected to appear on ROCKGRL Magazine's 2005 compilation with Triple Creme, Paradigm and others.

Singles "Mystery Train," "Boxed Lunch," "$100 Haircut" and "Happy For, Proud Of" appeared on the charts of over 300 college radio stations between October 2004 and January 2005. The album was #1 on 90.1 KZSU FM in October 2004 and featured on Resonancefm's "Life and Living" show.



Fur Cups For Teeth began as a tea party in Brooklyn in 2002. A kettle clattered to the floor and Nicole, Jeannie and Keach heard the future of music. Soon, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drum machine joined their arsenal of tiny instruments -- Speak N Spell and Simon Says, kazoo and accordion, washboard and vacuum cleaner.

The result was new/no wave electro-punk pop -- as if ESG, East Village Madonna and Yoko Ono got together and formed a jug band. FCFT dance like the Supremes, swap instruments like Bikini Kill, jump genres like Ween.

Equal parts animal, plant, and machine, FCFT shows combine vaudeville, pep rally, and dog show for evenings that stain clothes and blow minds. From downtown haunts like the Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory and Pianos to Warholian loft parties in Bushwick and Long Island City, FCFT has shared bills with the likes of Tracy and the Plastics, The Apes, No Things (ex-Liars), Au Revoir Simone, Boy Skout, Triple Creme and The Gossip.

FCFT's EP, "Allergic 2 Fur," produced by Hillary Johnson, was named one of Philadelphia City Paper's Best CDs of 2004, and made the annual Village Voice Pazz and Jop "Best Albums" list of 2004. "Allergic 2 Fur" is available now at www.furcupsforteeth.com and through Heartcore Records at www.heartcorerecords.net.

FCFT's LP, "Fun Luck You Keep," recorded by Chris Coady (whose other work includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, !!!, TV on the Radio, and Cat Power) is due out in the fall.

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