“We keep things very chill and relaxed, We are laughing and cutting up while rocking out, getting reactions out of the crowd and looking smooth as we do it.”


A newly formed alternative rock band from Murfreesboro, Furiosity 9 is rocking up a storm all around town including 102.9 the buzz. Having been formed recently in June 2009, they bring a unique sound to everything they play.


Furiosity 9 is currently working on a full-length album with producer Michael Erin Woody at Platinum One Studios, and members are eager to complete it by spring 2010. They have a lot of material to record and are as excited as kids in a candy store, but really musicians in a professional studio.

Set List

Currently capable of doing three 45 minute sets with a mix of originals as well as covers. more info,songs and pics at www.myspace.com/furiosity9