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Chişinău, Chişinău, Moldova | SELF

Chişinău, Chişinău, Moldova | SELF
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"Romanian song of the week: “Lullabies” by Snails"

his week’s song comes from a brit-rock band originating from Chisinau, in the neighbor country the Republic of Moldova, named Snails. Even though the band is
Moldovan, most of its gigs are played on Romanian stages and in Romanian clubs.
The song we chose is called “Lullabies” and is performed entirely in English.“
by Alex Cambur - Romania Business Insider / www.romania-insider.com

"From Nr.1 fan to Nr.1 band"

This gang of outrageous snails, for sure deserves the country’s Nr.1 band title in 2011

by Nata Albot - Nata Albot personal blog (General TV Producer at Jurnal TV)

"FurioSnails: “Blue Passports” attack"

"I have never been a Snails fan and don't think I will be, but I'll certainly go to their next show. I love the guys’ sense of humor and their newly released "Blue Passports" album.
I encourage you to support them, because it's worth it and you won't regret it.“
by Gemma Solomon - AllMoldova / www.allmoldova.com (327.000 visitors/month)

"Launch preview"

An imposing number of Moldovans came back from the United States of America, Amsterdam, Pakistan, China and London. They presented their blue passports to the “customs of??cers” of the FurioSnails band
and found themselves part of the newly released video... on 11/11/2011. - Jurnal TV / www.jurnaltv.md (361.000 visitors/month)

"FurioSnails are crossing the border with Blue Passports"

"Now even more furious on stage, The Snails invite you at Verona Café with a very open and friendly attitude, with stories about their new
identity and new music material which can be listened in its entirety at their next performance." - A&A Records / www.alma.ro (Top Romanian Record Label)

"A great example of a promotional campaign"

"I listened to their last album, "Blue Passports",
which I must say was a pleasant surprise for
me. It's true, it was recorded in Sweden with
some heavy professionals, so the sound is
exceptional. Because of this very good studio
sound, I was a bit skeptic about their live performance.
I expected that it would be hard for
them to be as good live. Not at all. The guys
sound very good live. From now on, I'm their
follower." - Chinezu / www.chinezu.eu (Top Romanian blogge

"We support Hai Moldova"

"They are those who change the world, who we
love and admire! They wanna clean up this
country! Join the campaign!" - Hai Moldova / www.hai.md (Let’s clean the world in one day)

"FurioSnails is proud to announce the "Blue Passports" single from the album with the same name"

"It is not a mistake or a misunderstanding. The idea for change came to us when we first listened to the final version of our new album
recorded in Sweden. The name of this change was FurioSnails.“
by Mihai Ciobanu - AllFun / www.allfun.md (262.000 visitors/month)

"The city was invaded by Blue Passports. How the new song was promoted by "Snails"

"The Snails band decided to kick-start their promotional campaign for “Blue Passports” with a unique event. - Pro TV Chisinau / www.protv.md (1.300.000 visitors/month)

"Snails inaugurated the B’ESTFEST scene!"

"The hottest Romanian music festival was opened today by the FurioSnails band" - Kiss FM Romania / www.kissfm.ro

"FurioSnails. Blue Passports"

I believe it’s the best image campaign of a Romanian speaking band - Click Zoom Bytes Art & Politics of Romanian Music


Blue Passports - 2011
Nu-mi Pasa - 2007
Undeva- 2004



Founded in 2004, the band has three successful albums on Moldovan and Romanian scene. The release in 2011 of the newest "Blue Passports" album represents the breaking point for entire Moldovan rock scene and it is unique of its kind, as it was produced by Moldovan musicians in collaboration with a world class studio (Tonteknik) from Sweden.
What sets us apart from other European bands is the mix between the latest music trends and our national cultural heritage. Our promotion campaigns are rated as being the most original and effective ever made by Moldovan and Romanian bands.

During their career, the FurioMembers where involved in successful international projects around the world:
Fisrt moldovan drummer to perform as a resident musician in the Covern club (famous Beatles museum in Liverpol). Session musician for various rock bands in UK
Igor Buzurniuc worked as a guitar player with Jeff Joseph Puig at Ocean Wave studios, LA, USA. Collaborating as a guitarist within Dan Balan’s projects.

We get involved in social awareness campaigns:
Performing “All you need is love” within Starbuks RED project Advocating social initiatives on national level for: International Organisation for Migration, UNDP, Amnesty International, USAID and others.

We are invited to the biggest festivals in Moldova and Romania. We were participating at: BestFest, Funk Rock Hotel 5, Munchausen, Tiff, Vadul-lui-Woodstock, Sirnaville, Indie Da-I, Acoperire culturala and others.