Furious Pete

Furious Pete


Furious Pete holds over 32 World Records for competitive eating...having won contests all over the world...what most people don't know...Peter Czerwinski is a recovered anorexic...a story you have to hear to believe...


My name is Peter Czerwinski, but I also go by the name of “Furious Pete”. In 2002 I was hospitalized for anorexia, a near death experience. Leaving the hospital presented many struggles much like most people have with eating disorders both mentally and physically. It took many mistakes and troubled years to finally get rid of the eating disorder for good. I have been left with many life lessons learned that I would like to pass along to others who are trapped the way I was.

Later in my life, in 2007, some say I changed eating disorders from one spectrum to another, but knowing the entire story will make you realize otherwise. I discovered I had a talent after a random eating challenge from a good friend of mine. I realized I didn’t get full, and I was able to eat a ton in a very short amount of time. I started to doing and recording restaurant challenges, random challenges, putting all my videos on youtube. After breaking world records, like a 72oz steak in 7 minutes or 18 bananas in 45 seconds, I was asked to join the pro leagues, and to date, I have won over 25 contests around the world and currently have 32 different world records. I have been featured on TV shows like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Sport Science and recently OMNI has filmed an entire documentary on my life.

I want to share my story with you.


World Record Examples

Written By: Furious Pete

¦2009, Oct. 20th – 72oz Steak and sides in 7 min. 16 sec.
¦2009, Sept. 14th – 600grams of Pasta in 1 min. 30 sec. – Big Papa’s Restaurant, Toronto ON
¦2009, Aug. 14th – 20 Sausages in 2 min. 30 sec. – SausageFest, Toronto ON
¦2009, Aug. 1- 14 slices in 10 min. (previous record was 9.5 slices)- Pizza Eating Finals Queens, NY
¦2009, July 31 -12 burgers in 8 min. (previous record was 10 burgers) – Jake’s Burger Eating Contest Finals Wilmington, DE
¦2009, Feb. 8 – 36 sliders in 10 min. -North American Team Slider Eating Championship, Burlington, ON
¦2008, Dec. 21 – 46 latkes in 8 min. (previous was 31 latkes) – National Potato Latke Eating Championship – Lake Grove, NY
¦2008, Oct. 6 – 22 sandwiches in 8 min. -Wakefield World Chicken Salad Sandwich Eating Championship, Chicago, IL
¦2008, July 18 – 43 2oz. meatballs 7 min. (previous record was 35 meatballs) – Bartolini’s Meatball Eating Championship Midlothian, IL