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Mixed CD's
March Madness-(The Mixed Tape)-3,500 Sold
This is how it should be done!-5,000 Sold
Act like It's a Video Shoot-9,000 Sold & Counting




Say Baltimore City and most heads think of HBO’s gripping series, The Wire, where heads young and old sit on sofas outside of rundown projects discussing “business� or watching shorties and the world pass by. B-more City, where cops kidnap young black males daily and respect comes in the form of a glock nine. Bloodymore, where things couldn’t be more real, be more in your face, be more do-or-die. Welcome to world of Furious Stylz.

Born Rico Foster, 33-year-old Furious Stylz is no stranger to the streets HBO has now made infamous. Native to Baltimore’s Hilltop neighborhood, Rico adopted the name Furious Stylz from Laurence Fishburne’s character in Boyz N the Hood . After watching Fishburne’s character jump out of his blue car in the middle of Blood territory and fearlessly kick it with the so-called enemy, Rico took the moniker and meaning behind it to heart. “Furious lived in the hood, but didn’t let the hood consume him. And I respect that. I understand that. I don’t care about no color line, red or blue, black or white whatever, I’m just going to bring it to you.�

“I’m coming from a universal place, speaking a language a lot of people understand. I’m talking about the struggle, and that cuts across all lines.� With his distinctive B-more accent Furious tells marvelous tales about his life and the lives of many other Baltimore brothers struggling to stay alive to make money or to just be.

With his gut-wrenching insightful lyrics and tenacious delivery, Furious details the struggle of walking that fine line between sanity and insanity, righteousness and corruption, loving one’s self and hating what one has to do to survive. “I don’t have a happy medium. I either do or I don’t. I was never that person everybody was scared of. I’m that person everybody keep they eye on ‘cause they know what could happen.� With his debut album, (Enuff iz Enuff... ain't no sunshine!!!) its time the world knows what could happen when Furious Stylz gets on the mic.

Even in the thick of it, Furious Stylz knows there is more to life than the hand-to-hand, killing, materialism and ass-shaking prevalent in the “street life�. With songs such as the autobiographical, "Move to Another State", and the gritty "Aint No Sunshine", Furious takes things back to the essence, to the core, to the struggle! “Rap, like the old Negro spirituals, started off as ‘moaning music’, a purging of the soul. But now a days, people aren’t being fed anymore. They still hungry. Hip-hop is just words now, and it got to be more than words. Got to be!� Other tracks like "All This Love" and "Hands up" round out the album with classic party grooves and charismatic anthems to ease some of life’s burdens and take the edge off things.

As former soldier in the US Army, Furious has traveled and lived both nationally and internationally. “Not just seeing, but living in hoods round the world, I had to adapt to everyone’s game, everyone’s way of life.� Performing in venues as varied as Hawaii’s Liquid Surf Den and Atlanta’s infamous Club 112, and consistently holding down his hometown crowd, he’s effectively gotten his point across regardless of locale. With three Prime Shine Entertainment mix tapes under his belt and more than a decade in the grind paying his dues, it’s clear Rico Foster has earned his moniker Furious Stylz. From southern crunk to the East Coast’s hardcore beats to the West Coast’s laid back sound, Furious got the flow. Any way you want it, be sure, he will deliver.