Fur King

Fur King

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Heavy Rock'n'Roll drawn from the past and spit forward with a melodic present day punch. A fluid mixture of tough guitars, wild drums and soulful vocals envoked by emotion and simple modesty. A standout for classic/heavy rock fans who need something new in a world losing it's heart and soul.


Fur King is a three piece heavy rock band from Austin TX. The group bonded and the crowned creature was born in November of 2010. The band just started recording rehearsals and then playing shows in January 2011 and have been traveling and working as a pride since.

This line-up yields three players who seem to have been made for each other. To begin with, the brainchild of "Superxxxxxgoatass" singer/guitarist Russell Abbott is fronting the band and holding down the lead guitar position as well. Former bassist of "Black Lamb" Andy Pfeiffer is behind all of these recordings we keep hearing every time the band rehearses. Then there's the "Young Cub" Augie Arreola beating on his drums like he's playing for Santana at Woodstock. The band insists that all songs that they perform are about "hot relations" but there is no evidence to support the ridiculous myth. (it's true)

The 70's Rock influence is strong around these areas and these guys mark their territory just as a real rock'n'roll band would. If your looking for a good dose of Texas Booty Rock then you have arrived at the proverbial X on the ground. ZZ topp, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, Free, Mountain, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent (just to name a few) are oozing out of the pores of these eclectic compositions that mock yet glorify the best music in the world.

Fur King is now devoted to spreading some more of that tongue in cheek stadium rock across the East/West Coast and the U.K. in the near future. The trio also produces self engineered recordings and actually records essentially every rehearsal they play. One thing is for certain is that these uncaged animals are out for some good times (and feedings) and it looks like Fur King could be around Fur Ever!


Marked for Life

Written By: Abbott

I don't know how many times
that I have to lay here and die
nobody ever realized
I can't escape the ladies in my mind

And you for got that I missed you a lot
after droppin all that micro-dot
you cryed when I told you it was all
that I needed to hit the spot

Every time I close my eyes
it's only me I despise
my god you act like you never lied
even in your own little mind


001 EP Fur King/ Fur King

Hokass Fokass
In The Middle
Marked for Life
Outta Touch

2011 Andyconda Records/BMI