Further Down

Further Down


Further Down is a fresh new band working their way to the top. Our music is packed with energy and emotion ready for radio. With a uniqe and dynamic sound, we are able to connect with a wide range of audience.


Further Down is an all american success story. We all grew up in a small town. Music has always been our life. We learned how to play our instruments together. We watched each other grow from amateurs to true professionals. When the band started 7 years ago it was our dream to headline a small dive bar. Now our band has two albums and has headlined shows at premier venues, and shared the stage with many top national acts. We're all like brothers. Our chemistry is the driving force in the band. We have been playing music for a long time and have learned many valuable lessons along the way. We understand the value of a sharp business sense along with a strong work ethic. Our music is like no other. It is a blend of melodic guitar riffs coupled with over- the- top vocals. Our songs appeal to a wide variety of listeners and captures their emotions. Our latest album "Chemistry" is a musical interpretation of the bond that we share together. Every time we pick up a guitar or step on stage together, we know it's there, a unique charisma that sets us apart from many. We feel that to be successful you need to have that special something extra, and that is exactly what we have. This is the reasoning behind the title of our latest album "Chemistry."


We have released 2 albums in the last 3 years. Our first album, " Disillusioned" was well- received by fans, which set the stage for our latest album "Chemistry" that is taking the band further than ever expected.

Set List

Our sets vary from gig to gig. We often play shows showcasing our original material with a few covers. Other times we play 3 to 4 hour sets containing 15-20 originals followed by many covers. We have in the area of 80 cover songs in our library ranging from Linkin Park to Bon Jovi.