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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE
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Can you remember what you were doing when you were one year old? Probably not releasing an EP and preparing to embark on a national tour, however Perth band Further Earth are doing just that.
Those listening to Kingdom might be surprised to learn of the group’s short lifespan, as its overall cohesiveness and polished sound suggests a band with much more experience under its belt. This isn’t as remarkable as it seems however; the group is the amalgamation of defunct Perth bands Rise Apollo and Crysis.
Listening to Kingdom you can hear snatches of the bands that bare patrimony to Further Earth, such as in the raw, edgy guitar riff of Mocking Bird which is particularly reminiscent of the Rise Apollo epoch.
Starting with Coastal Repetition, Kingdom wastes no time asserting itself as a work full of powerful alt-rock songs that are augmented by Ryan Carson’s dynamic vocals. This being said, Kingdom is exclusively a high-energy EP, it would be interesting to hear how the band would translate in a slower song. The sound is big – if Further Earth can perform these songs as effectively on stage as they do in their Kingdom then there is nothing stopping them from taking the country by storm. - _SHAUN COWE Originally published in X-Press Magazine #1266 (18 May 2011)

"Further Earth"

Further Earth hit the ground running in their hometown of Perth at the beginning of the year, diving straight in to writing and rehearsing for their debut release. The first signpost that the band were on to something special was the invitation from Aria Award nominated producer Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect, Birds Of Tokyo) to record their debut EP at the famed Sing Sing studios in Melbourne. The EP was then sent abroad to Sterling studios in New York to famed mastering engineer Tom Coyne (Michael Jackson, Pink, Karnivool).

Further Earths debut EP “Kingdom” is an immaculate and touching sonic journey filled with lush harmonies and epic sing a long choruses that will touch you at your core. Traversing through emotional ballads and uplifting soaring melodies to pumping bass driven grooves, pearly falsetto vocals and transcendent leads, “Kingdom” caters for all tastes with a diverse range of songs that will take the listener on a powerful journey of self discovery and change.

Further Earth will be touring nationally in Support of "Kingdom" from April onwards. "Kingdom" will be available in stores nationally through Firestarter Distribution and via Itunes worldwide from January 22nd.

To view Further Earths promo clip for the song "Fierce Euphoria" follow this link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGcVe_S4Zn8 - Triple J Unearthed

"FURTHER EARTH Tomorrow The World"

Made up of members of former local bright sparks Rise Apollo and Crysis, Further Earth have hit the ground running with their first EP, Kingdom. Frontman Ryan Carson checks in with MATTHEW HOGAN ahead of their national tour.

Together since the dawning of 2010, alt-rockers Further Earth dove straight into writing and pre production for their debut EP, Kingdom. They knew they were onto something special when they sent a demo to ARIA Award-nominated producer Forrester Savell (Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect) who in turn offered to produce their record at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios.
“In our opinion Forrester has to be one of the best producers in Australia if not the world; what he does is phenomenal,” gushes frontman Ryan Carson. “The stuff he has produced/engineered in the past sounds absolutely amazing in terms of the depth and quality of the mixes, the amazing guitar tones, big bass sound and drum sounds he pulls. And after working with him I think we all realised what big part he has played in the Australian alternative rock movement.”
The lads of Further Earth felt like “starry eyed kids in a candy shop” at the famed studio, which has played host to a who’s who of Australian music. “We were based out of Sing Sing South Yarra which has a really good vibe to it and in a great part of town off Chapel Street,” says Carson. “The first day we were in there, Paul Kelly and Angus Stone were in the back studio collaborating, we were all there sitting eating our lunch in the common room when Paul Kelly walked through and said hello – it was quite surreal!”
Since they released the EP in January, the band has picked up strong praise and this has pushed the band to take their music back to the east coast. “It’s all been really great; people have really connected and understood what we were trying to go for and some of the reviews really hit the nail on the head, which was great to see,” the frontman says. “At the end of the day I think if you are happy with something and genuinely enjoy it yourself as musicians it’s going to shine through to people.”
With extensive touring on the cards for the remainder of the year, the boys aren’t resting on their laurels as they have already commenced work on the follow-up to Kingdom. “We have been working on a whole new batch of songs that we are going to take on the road with us and try out live,” Carson reveals. “We have written about 20 new songs and have pre-produced about seven of them properly. The next EP will probably be out January or February and will see us heading back to Sing Sing with Forrester at the helm. And then after the next EP we will be releasing an album at some stage down the track, which we have already started compiling songs for. Throw in a video clip on the way and that’s about it. So yeah, busy times ahead!”
Further Earth return to Amplifier Bar on Saturday, May 14, to kick off their national tour. Support comes from Therapist, All Eyes On Saturn and The Watermelons. - Originally published in X-Press Magazine #1264 (4 May 2011)


Debut EP "Kingdom" Released VIa Firestarter Distribution: Jan/11

Radio airplay nationally for "The Coastal Repetition" via Triple J & numerous local stations



Further Earth EP “Kingdom” Press Release

Further Earth, the outstanding west coast five piece, aims to head back into the studio early next year to begin work on an album, we thought we would check in with this group and see what has been happening. Unsurprisingly buzz surrounding this group of talented young lads from Perth, is deafening.

Earlier this year Further Earth stepped into the studio with Aria Award nominated super producer Forrester Savell, the man behind such alternative rock juggernauts Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and The Butterfly Effect. Forrester then recognised the potential of the band after hearing demo’s recorded for the EP. After a trip to Melbourne the boys returned triumphantly with their debut EP in hand.

“Kingdom” is an immaculate and touching sonic journey filled with lush harmonies and epic sing-a-long choruses that will touch you at your core, traversing through emotional ballads and uplifting soaring melodies, to pumping bass driven grooves, pearly falsetto vocals and transcendent leads. “Kingdom” caters for all tastes with a diverse range of songs that will take the listener on a powerful journey of self-discovery and change.

So far Further Earth have attracted the attention of key industry players, received major station airplay and have received offers and interest in the form of major label attention and interest. Under new management and with a creative drive that sees the band writing new and exciting tracks for their upcoming album, its hard not to notice this alternative rock group from Perth.

"Further Earth has ingeniously created a balance between epic heavy guitar rock and poignant emotional song writing with ballad qualities. With the best of both worlds musically, Further Earth is bound to attract a wide range of listeners with this release."

"Rarely do you hear a debut EP with such consistency and flow. Nor do you hear a new band develop such an expansive sound with so many individual and truly interesting layers."

"Upbeat head banging arrangements and lyrics which speak of hope, new beginnings, displacement and emotional connections, Further Earth has addressed issues that will catch the attention of many minds."

"The EP is a refreshing mixture of thought provoking lyrical ability, inspiring, soaring sing-along melodies and astounding vocal range."

"This is a group of musicians who know how things work, and are at the beginning of something that sounds very special."
- Onthetune.com

"These Perth boys have truly delivered a world class EP deserving radio play and world wide success."
-Xpress Mag

"If Triple J, Triple M and all other good radio stations don't rotate The Coastal Repetition, I will be very surprised as it's a hit in the making."

"It's got that Dead Letter Circus stratospheric rock vibe, but you guys really nail it."
Dom Alessio -Triple J

On the home front in Perth Further Earth launched their EP to a sold out hometown crowd at Perth’s premier live venue Amplifier bar, with a full house early in the night at only the bands fifth show and their first headlining appearance. Further Earth aim to continue touring and playing as many gigs as possible with shows booked all the way through into next year, the boys will stake their claim as Perth's most exciting rock act.

This year will see Further Earth establish them selves as a prominent touring act with a world-class sound that stands tall with foreign contemporaries, a powerful and immaculate live show and an EP that speaks for itself. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this is Further Earths first step, and yes there is a destination.
The EP “Kingdom” is available from all JB Hi-Fi stores and on Itunes. Like the boys at their Facebook page www.facebook.com/furtherearth and follow them on twitter at #furtherearth, for all the information on upcoming shows tours, album and single releases, new videos and interviews with the band.

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