Further From The Truth
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Further From The Truth

Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Punk


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"Further From The Truth"

ext up were highly regarded local West Yorkshire outfit Further From The Truth, who were something of a revelation. They play punked-up heavy metal, with front woman Kat Birch giving it maximum attitude backed up by musicians with the tightness born of endless gigging round the clubs of Manchester and Yorkshire. This is a band who threw everything into the performance and never really let up. Slowing down only briefly for the first part of Dusty Road before winding the energy back up to maximum. The tracks sound totally different live to what you may expect from their recorded work and I particularly liked ‘Drifter’ live, much more high octane in this setting than the version on the band’s MySpace. - cackblabbath

"The Library"

The lively five piece peddle a nice line in dual guitar, hair flailing, metallic rock. I'm not going to claim I'm any authority on this, but it seems whatever Further From The Truth do, they do it to the maximum. Animated and engaging from the word go, the whole band rally behind enigmatic front woman, Kat, who spends more time off stage, baiting the audience with her tongue in cheek femme fatale performance. Fat, hefty drums and pinched 80s guitars drive their saturated American rock sound, implemented with the flourishes and detail of metal, but with a brisk punk like momentum. The band look to be having a wail of a time as the fun seems to diffuse into the crowd, who are sufficiently won over. - leedsmusicscene


Still working on that hot first release.



FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH are a super-charged, female fronted heavy rock band from West Yorkshire, UK, formed in 2008. The band members are Kat Birch (Lead Vocals), James Preston (Lead Guitar), Nick O'Rourke (Lead Guitar), Craig Freeman (Lead Bass) and Mark Lightwood (Lead Drums).

FFTT was originally formed in 2008 by Nick O'Rourke and James Preston after their decision to disband their previous 3 piece "tech rock" band Motaro Wins, in search for something more bitchin'.

2009 was the year of recruitment. As the months went by band members came and went - some were missed, and some were not - but the lineup which remained has become the preverbial "cream of the crop" - the "holy grail".

After Nick and James had sat for a few months drafting out some songs to point the band in a direction and taken the group through a couple of shaky first gigs, along came Kat Birch. After seeing the Welsh superstar in the making's performances in 'The Parangle' and 'Aveneta' (her previous bands) FFTT began to develop an elaborate plan of espionage, kidnapping and brainwashing in order to assimilate her into the band. Turns out all they needed to do was send her an email telling her when the next practice was.

A few dodgy nights out later and the inevitable reuniting with drummer Mark Lightwood (also from Motaro Wins) became a reality. Where Kat brought the matter, Mark brought the anti-matter, and with two new band members joining in the space of what felt like as many minutes FFTT went from "another local band" to "oh my... phwoaaar".

The band went on to play Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester and the surrounding areas steadily building up momentum and a following with their faithful bassist Chris Mitchell. Then in the early months of 2010 Chris hung up his bass strap to become a full time dad, saying a fond farewell to FFTT. Sad to see him go, the band began yet another hunt for a member.

Their cries were answered almost overnight once again - and this time by the larger than life, insanely powerful yet gentle as a lamb with velvet mittens on Craig Freeman, a bassist from Bramley. So lucky it could've almost been illegal FFTT couldn't have found a more perfect fit for their bottom-end requirements.

2010 has so far been a good year for FFTT - they smashed their way to the finals of the WTP Music Battle of the Bands in March, they ripped up the stage at the Wakefield Rock Festival in May, they owned The Crown of Lights Summer Festival in July, began a long term relationship with Femme Metal Records in August, completed their first 5 track EP in September and are set to finish the year with two massive gigs supporting Exoterik at The Cockpit in Leeds and The Fiddler's Elbow in Camden. In your FACE 2009.