Further Lo

Further Lo


Further Lo is a mixture of Bay Area thrash, European metal and traditional metal. Further Lo's influences range from modern metal to old school southern rock. The diversity and styles of music serves to keep any person waiting to hear what will happen next.


Further Lo was formed in the winter of 2001 by guitarists Randy Reynolds and Donny Davis. After a number of line up shifts the band was complete in 2002 including drummer Turk Elliot, bass player Ron Cardwell and vocalist Aaron Werner. Further Lo’s music is a diverse and tasteful splicing of old-school thrash and new-school metal with songs dealing with topics of political, social, and personal natures. Vocal & guitar harmonies and searing guitar leads are major staples of the music of Further Lo. Further Lo signed to New York City’s Power Play Records for a 2-album deal in the spring of 2003. The band’s debut CD was recorded that summer and was released in October of 2003. In the winter of 2003 Further Lo began working with international booking agent T&T Booking, booking agent to such acts as Metallica, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, & Skid Row. The members of Further Lo’s have shared the stage with such metal greats Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Armored Saint, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Nile, Mushroomhead, and Napalm Death as well as many others. The band’s live show as well as it’s music are no-frills, stripped down & high energy.


"Further Lo" - Self Titled CD through Power Play records

"A New Form of Suicide" through TetraTone Records/Power Play Records

Set List

Further Lo's sets typically contain around 12 songs that lasts for around 45 minutes.

Further Lo also has different styles of set lists that could also include cover tunes when needed. They can also vary in set time lengths depending upon what is required.