Further Reasoning

Further Reasoning


Further Reasoning is a band that thrives off energy, passion, and an extreme love for what they do. Further Reasoning will play their hearts out every time they step foot on a stage, or in front of an audience. They will pour out their souls to anyone, and everyone that will give them a chance.


The Story
Further Reasoning consists of four of the closest friends you could find. Since the beginning of the band, there was an extremely strong connection between the members. It was obvious that it could one day become something great. The reason behind their tight musical connection is not only based on the fact that they all play their instruments well together, but the fact that each member is so close to one another, that they can always tell what the other one will do. For the last two years, Further Reasoning has gone through many tough times together. Through member changes, personal problems, and life-changing decisions, the members of this band have formed a bond unlike any other band, and this is one of the reasons that some people believe this band really has the potential to be great.

or Further Reasoning, they couldn't imagine their local success and support from friends and family within the past year. After finalizing their lineup last fall, the world is finally theirs for the taking.

This journey begins with Gregory Manson's departure from his previous band, Travel by Stars. With many unfinished and unwritten songs in his head, he quickly found friends help his dream to become a reality. The original lineup also included Jonathan Crawford, Greg Tilton, and Joey Cronvich (Good Day for an Airstrike). Though the lineup was eager and excited to, they never finished any recordings before the two member changes.

Brian Pretus and Gregory Manson met in the Mardi Gras of '07 and had an instant connection because of similar music taste and they shared the credit of both being in becoming local bands. Before the week ended, Brian became a full-time member of Further Reasoning. The friendship between Dominic Falati and Greg Manson started six years before the band was created. They had played in bands together such as Life as it Was, Almost*Heroes, and Travel by Stars. Both knew each other and styles very well, so naturally Dominic was the perfect candidate for Further Reasoning's missing replacement. However, this past summer, Dominic made the brave decision to enlist in the Army National Guard. Upon his departure came the induction of the bands drummer to date, Aris Petrou. Coming from a long list of well-known local bands, Aris is exactly what the band was looking for in their time of need. Now, with a new member and new ideas, Further Reasoning continues to push forward with their dream of making great music for anyone who will listen.

Further Reasoning is influenced by many different bands and types of music. As kids, all four members grew up listening to punk rock. The four men spent much of their teen years either playing in punk rock bands, or attending local shows. Some of the members favorite bands consist of The Misfits, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Leftover Crack, and Choking Victim. However, as they got older, without losing their roots, the members music taste in music changed to both a heavier side, and a lighter side to punk. Currently, the group is influenced by bands such as Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Saves The Day, At The Drive In, Brand New, and even bands like Norma Jean.

Further Reasoning, despite their (semi-mainstream) tastes in music, cannot be compared to any other band. While some of their biggest influences are obvious at times, Further Reasoning has a sound that is all its own. In retrospect, Further Reasoning sounds like four best friends doing what they love, and making music that they believe is worthwhile.

-Don't Die Cindy
-The Flood Memoirs
-We Versus Shark
-Pianos Become The Teeth
-The Vals (from Holland)
-The Flaming Tsunamis
-Fatter Than Albert
-The Jonbennet
-The Vettes
-The Mad Conductor (ex. No Ca$h)
-Big D And The Kids Table
-The Matches
-The Esoteric
-Oh Juliet
-The Garden District
and TONS of great local bands!


Further Reasoning (Demo '07)
1. The Luxury of Playing It Safe
2. Two For Flinching
3. The Epic Song

Further Reasoning (Demo '08)
1. Intro / The Luxury Of Playing It Safe
2. Think Of This When You're Underground
3. Walk The Plank

"Think Of This When You're Underground," and "The Luxury Of Playing It Safe" both are streamed on the Loyola University New Orleans radio show called, "Gentlemen's Delight," and are also streamed on the internet radio show called "Radio Chaos."

Set List

* = Computer intro is played before song

*1. Intro - Luxury Of Playing It Safe
*2. Two For Flinching
*3. Think of This When You're Underground
-speak to crowd
*4. The Epic Song
*5. Walk The Plank
-speak during intro (thank you's)
*6. Keep The Change You Filthy Animal

Our live sets are usually 35-45 minutes long, depending on the need for the show. We do not play any cover songs.