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FURYUS is a conscious Hip Hop/ Rap/ R&B artist and his movement has begun. His music is powerful, moving and spoken from the heart.. audicences enjoy him everywhere.. They dance, the groove.. and realize, Furyus something to say that is actually worth listening to.. so stay tuned!


Beats, Rhythm and Life are the three essentials in Emcee Furyus's growth in life and in music. In 2003 Furyus set on a journey to make an album that would break the mold and go against the grain in the mainstream Hip Hop market….. To make innovation the catch phrase of the day, and to serve as the foundation to his mission… Bringing soul and wordplay back into Hip Hop. In May of 2004 Furyus released his debut album "Standing Alone". "Standing Alone is a solid EP bringing together Furyus’s vivid wordplay and musical talents to the forefront. Furyus’s fluid flow is similar to prolific artist such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Common, and Talib Kweli. Unlike many artists in the music genre, Furyus's talents also go beyond being an emcee. Furyus is also a respected producer working with various artists such as D-kompose of Mooda Entertainment, Gary Devon of Night Vision Entertainment, and Keye of Valiant Music. Furyus’s musical talents serve as a way to make his mark in the music industry. His lyrical finesse and production skills vary so much that it is hard to sum his style in one category, from the Spanish influenced “Hip Hop the only 1 I need”, to the orchestra infused “Music Feeds the Needs of My Soul” found on his current groundbreaking EP, "Standing Alone" Furyus specializes in creating a twist in each song he produces. With heavy rotation in various college radio stations via 88.5 FM radio in Davenport IA, USCD radio KSDT 97.5, San Diego State Radio Station KCR 96.9, and Fresno State radio station KFCR 90.7 FM and KJY 1150 AM and KUNM 89.9 FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to charting to number 9 on 94.7 Rhythms in Abuja Nigeria; Furyus is creating a steady a buzz on radio stations home and abroad. Furyus is also creating a buzz online via online radio stations such as www.1mix.net , www.ratesummusic.com debuting at 2nd most played debut of the day and charting number one on the charts for Hip Hop and R&B charts. “Standing Alone” also had a top ten debut on England’s online radio station www.radiogetswild.com. “Standing Alone” received great reviews in urban magazines such as Fahrenheit Magazine and Urban Empire magazine. Furyus also performed at various events such as San Diego’s “ Bust a Groove” annual event opening for various dance groups such as Jam Control and Fusion, San Diego’s 2nd Annual Juneteenth event in Downtown San Diego. Marine Corps Air Station Farewell Show, where he performed for troops shipping out to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Not only limiting creating a buzz on radio, Furyus can also be heard on various mix tapes such as Tricky T’s Darkcyde volume 3 & 5 and Darkcyde Entertainments critically acclaimed “2 Turntables and a Mic” collaborating with San Diego emcees such as Tahir Jahi (www.TahirJahi.com ), and D-Kompose of Mooda Entertainment. In May of 2004 a representative of an East coast artist management company by the name of Silver Tongue Music Entertainment took notice of Furyus while performing at Dream Street, located on Ocean beach in San Diego. Silver Tonuge Music invited Furyus to tour various parts of the EAST during the summer of 2004. Furyus recently completed his EAST Coast promotional tour with various stops in Southbridge, Mass. Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston Mass. Meeting public figures such as the Mayor of Manchester and receiving press in various magazines such as The Hippo Press,NH, The Union Leader, NH and The Southbridge News, MA. He also had the opportunity of performing at the largest Hip Hop event in Boston opening up for D-Tension, Mike Stylz, Facts One, The Skitzofrenicks and Mr Lif at the legendary Paradise Rock Club in Boston Mass. He brught his rapid fire delivery and uncanny stage presence to New England establishing himself as now a bi-coastal emcee who knows now boundaries.

In the summer of 2005 Furyus released his solo LP "Still Standing" accompanied with a release party that featured Mach 5 (DJ Dax and Epic Visions), Session, Afro D Z AK, D-Tension, and Killa Keat. Singles off of the album "A Day in the Life", "The Setting", and "Lay with You" currently are in heavy rotation at various online and college radio stations along the New England area. WUML 91.5 list Furyus as a New England artist on the rise and list "A Day in the life" number 18 as the top 40 plays for 2005. You can also catch Furyus gracing the calendar of Sacramento based Urban design company Twin Flames 2006 Calendar. Furyus is also part of The U-N Delegations, a hip hop crew bringing the essence of bring original hip hop back, consisting of DJ Dax, Wize, and Epic Visions. In February 4, 2006 The U-N along with some New England artists will open up for Legendary Wu-Tang member U God at Cinco Nightclub in Nashua New Hampshire.

The movement has begun!!!!


A Day in The Life

Written By: Furyus

You know I lived it,
Could give it a rest,
People test,
Meshed in this mess,
Often depressed,
Let me catch my breath, (adlib breathing)
Obsessed to test my rap skills,
Often sealed never revealed,
Kneel to my father,
To take me farther away,
These troubled days,
Stay in my face,
Yesterday he was a friend,
Can’t comprehend,
How you can bend the golden rules,
Loose ethics,
Pathetic tricks,
To restrict my movement,
Or a hindrance,
People neglect to give respect,
Protect my household,
From no loads,
Bold people,
Who see you,
As a pass to get what they want,
Front on purpose,
To work this kid,
Lurk like the Sithe,
In episode 1,
Come as you are,
Make your mark,
In the dark or in the light,
My right of passage,
Is to kill a savage,
A bastard with bad intentions.

Chorus sung 2 times

A day in the life (adlib repeats vocals)
Who’s right?
Who’s wrong?
I sing this song,
Be strong,
Hold on.

Verse 2

Yeah it’s underground,
Never found,
Never touched,
So I dusted,
Discussed it amongst peers,
Made it clear,
No fear in what I do,
No clues in how I move,
Dude buy the book,
Look and study,
Before you bug me,
Judge where is the love?
All of the sudden,
You bludgeon my rep,
Overstepped your boundaries,
Hounding me,
Best believe,
To a degree,
I will siege your battle ship,
Unravel sh@t,
Been in the pits,
Used to sit,
Embellished in liquor,
The sicker I got,
The less I fought the pain,
Unless you brought the rain,
You wouldn’t understand,
Can you ever undo,
The bad,
The past or would you laugh it off,
Tap it off your shoulders,
Expose your true side,
Always beside myself,
No one helps,
Dealt with it alone,
Tone deaf,
To fake representers,
Limber social settings,
Repping the code,
To erode society,
You’re not buying me.

Verse 3

Can never relate,
To have a mate,
To make high stakes,
Awake with me,
To see the sunrise,
Lies are told,
Because I am to much like my dad,
Glad to see bad things come,
To someone who spun me out of control,
Let them know,
If you show the same train of thought,
Refrain to talk,
To those who walked away,
Days turned into years,
Cleared my phone book,
Never looked back,
My heart is cracked in two,
To glue it back,
Would take tact,
In fact professional help,
Welts and bruises,
It’s useless,
To remove this scar,
Barred love a long time ago,
Show no signs of changing,
I am just maintaining.

The Setting

Written By: Furyus

100 percent straight out the basement,
My statements are a haven,
Aint racing or star gazing,
Just place my feet on solid ground,
Mocking sounds,
Furyus be top notch emcee,
Briefly speak on seeking truth,
Spook these spooks,
Vamoose be gone,
On other ish,
Smother the counterfeit,
With mittens,
For spitting on my religion,
My definition,
Of living,
Is back,
Whether black or white,
The fam is tight,
The fam is tight,
I’m laid back,
Like this track,
It’s something that compels,
Propels and takes flight,
Ignites my fuel,
Then cools like the setting of the sun,
Not letting anyone break my pose,
Compose this rose that grew in concrete,
Keep it cool or don’t speak.


The mood the place,
Stopped me in my pace,
It’s the setting,
I know it’s the setting,
From dark to day,
I know what comes my way,
It’s the setting,
I know it’s the setting,

Verse 2

The time and space,
My mind will chase,
Problems we face,
Hate to be rude,
And kill a mood that smooth,
Prove to be a legacy,
Life’s testing me,
I achieve where I need to be,
What I need to see,
Feed on good vibes,
High on the skies side,
Like fried chicken,
Sticking to the right brew,
To feed you,
Fruits dipped in the truth,
Use my seasoning to see things,
Dreams are made of,
to your ear,
Clear live and direct,
Live on the set,
Get Devon,
To find a new era,
Mirror the man,
That can be the band,
Pen in hand,
Right to brighten,
Heighten your day,

Verse 3

Like lovers caressing,
The beat is suggesting,
Free your mind,
See that time isn’t on our side,
It flies by,
Grasping the fact,
To love you back,
Doesn’t take that much work,
Love hurts,
But the perk is,
I worked this out,
When in doubt,
My mouth began to speak,
Preach of better things,
Remembering a caged bird sings,
The sun stings my eyes,
But to my surprise it’s an ally in disguise,
In your ride,
As you glide through life,
My copyright patent,
Is for you to fathom something better,
Never giving up,
See what your setting is,
Bettering the challenge,
Things are random,
Instead of damning,
Cling on to positive and just live.

Lay With You

Written By: Furyus

Chorus repeated twice.

Want to lay with you,
Want to play with you,
Us two,
Do you know?
How far I’d go,
To keep you close,
To keep you close,

First and Third chorus reggae chant
Trigger woman got me straight in the heart,
She caught me straight in the heart,
Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy,
Lord have mercy mercy,
She got me straight me in the heart,
Trigger woman got me straight in the heart,
Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy,
Lord have mercy, mercy,
What out.

J-Wool Verse 1

Lay with you,
Play with you,
Stay with you,
Always baby,
I know I sound crazy,
Want to sink teeth in you like Dracula,
Speaking that vernacular,
Body talks,
When Bacardi Dark,
Starts it off,
Knock it out the box,
Rock it in and out the spot,
Give you props,
Girl you’re hot to trot,
Love looking at you,
Actually the thirst factor,
Your first chapter,
Those eyes pass me by,
My, my, my,
Much obliged miss,
I want to kiss,
You just a little bit,
Give you benefits,
From intricate,
Love making into it,
Rule breaking intimate,
Sessions with you,
Who knew?
It would make my sky blue,
From the gloom of doom,
I see through,
And produce,
The luxurious,
Nothing next to you,
The best uh huh.

Furyus verse 2

There she is in the distance,
My heart is skipping a beat,
Can’t eat,
Can barely sleep,
Each day,
I say your name,
Aim to,
Claim you,
Insane to,
Skip food,
But strange moods,
From love,
Is what I’m smothered in,
Sweet as cinnamon,
Blending in,
The back round,
Can’t back down,
That’s how I found out,
Your where abouts,
In my dreams,
You seem heavenly,
Getting me all worked up,
My nerves up,
But shut up,
When I try to set up,
My statements,
Flaking with patience,
Engraving your name in stone,
Get mono tone,
When I am in my zone,
Honing in,
On your dark figure,
My heart whispers,
Sweet nothings in my head,
But nothing is said,
Would wed a girl like you,
But I am through.

Chorus Breakdown (repeated twice and after fourth chorus)
With all this loving that we can make,
Why your girls want to playa hate,
Why they want to hate us baby,
Why they want to hate us baby,
Whooo oohhh.

Furyus verse 3

Make you glisten and shine,
This mission of mine,
Finds me,
Writing these,
Lovely things,
You bring it out of me,
Be my lady,
Say we ditch,
The foolishness,
And get to this,
The gift of loving one,
Is what I am on,
Someone call Dr. Phil,
And spill the beans,
Cleaning out,
My black book,
A crook stole my heart,
Can’t look the part,
Or play the pimp,
Simply because,
I am in love,
Hugs and kisses,
Fit this,
Perfect picture,
With my boo,
True I used to do,
Some cool ish,
To get in them jeans,
The scene has changed,
To giving the game,
Off the market,
My target is sparring,
In the ring of bliss,
Distance the haters,
Best friend instigators,
Noisy neighbors,
Savior our quality time,
Probably I’m crazy in love,
Us two,
She is my boo.


Standing Alone EP- Summer 2004
Hip Hop The Only 1 I Need
Music Feeds The Needs of My Soul
The E.N.D.

Still Standing LP- August 2005

A Day In The Life
Beats And Rhythm
Lay With You
Hold Down Da Block
The Setting

Set List

A Day In The Life
Beats And Rhythm
The E.N.D.
Now You Know
Hip Hop The Only 1 I Need
Had 2 Call
Lay With You
Get Your Ass Up
Hold Down Da Block

Set is 30 minutes but can be shortened if need be.