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The best kept secret in music


"Furyus "Still Standing" Album Review"

Underground Hip-Hop continues to bubble along nicely while the mainstream works the charts and coming from the U.N., a collective of MCs, Producers, Promoters, DJs and Artists is an underground MC by the name of Fury-Us. With a real ‘doing it for self’ ethic Fury-Us’ album ‘Still Standing’ sums up what underground Hip-Hop is all about right now. With 14 tracks of below the surface music including cuts like ‘Lay With You,’ ‘The E.N.D.’ and ‘Had 2 Call’ Fury-Us delivers his subject matter with a strong if somewhat unchanging cadence. While not setting the world alight Fury-Us’ album shows promise as it comes across as the work of an MC on his grind. Perhaps needing a switch in delivery here and there this is none-the-less a straight down the line no frills example of the underground scene in 2006 and as such may be worth a peep if that’s your thing.
- Grind-Mode.com

"Getting Six Feet Deep In The World Of San Diego Hip Hop"

Getting Six Feet Deep In Tha World Of Hip Hop

by D-Kompose

How ya livin'? To all my big ballas, shot callas, playas, pimps, hustlas and all my hip hop family heads, it's ya man D-Kompose and I'm back, baby! Livin' large like a fat rat in a cheese factory! Here to give you another scoop in the world of hip hop. In my last column, I slapped you with who I am and what direction I was going in with Fahrenheit giving me my own section.

So now, let's set it off like the U.S. Troops laying hands on Iraq!

I've been bumpin' some new joints in the street by some local playas in the game, who've been holding it down to the fulliest, that I think you should peep out. First my man FURYUS. His debut album is entitled, Standing Alone. This kid is representing Alamo City, Texas. With him blazin' all the production skills, Standing Alone, is a phat solid album. The disc is worth peeling the plastic off and poppin' it in ya stove to cook. For all you slow minded, snootie fools that means, "buy it, tear the plastic off the CD and play it!" Get it? Got It? Good!

Check out FURYUS performing around town at different spee-zots. Keep ya azz glued to Fahrenheit for future appearances. In the meantime, hit him at StandAloneOnline.com or break ya neck at your local retail spot to get that piece.

Now that I went down South and stuck ya in tha azz with those horns, let's roll to the Wild, Wild West, with another playa' in the game. My dogg Remedy, who's coming straight out of the 619 with his debut album, The Cure. With eleven joints on it, this is a banger and tight as hell! That's what I like to hear when I get wax. Tight lyrics and phat beats. Not junk that sounds like it was recorded in a phone booth and the mastering done in the bathroom. Invest in yourself pimps and keep ya music game tight, like that kid Remedy. Cop his album and when you cook it, turn ya fire up on high and getcha grub on, because it taste good! Big up to Fam Tight Records. I need some heat produced Remedy, holla at cha boy!

Last but not least, let's ride to the East Coast. Hip hop wouldn't be anything without a DJ or mix tapes. That's like Christmas without Santa Claus or a tree!

This head is representing Brooklyn, New York, and is hot in the streets of San Diego. He's my DJ when I'm rockin' it live in concert and he goes by the name of DJ Tricky T.

Tricky has released the mix CD entitled, Darkcyde Muzik Presents 2 Turntables and a Mic Volume 4, hosted by, that's right, ya know it, D-Kompose. With new ill street bangers by some of today's major artists and phat freestyles by, Tahir Jahi, Bloodstone aka "Tha Street Preacher" and SAV. Peep out other Tricky T volumes at your local retail shops or catch him out at the club spots funeral directin' tha 1's and 2's and tell that fool, "I wanna cop that heat!"

On that note before I raise up like a 64 Impala, as the holidays approach us, there will be lots of spots too, getcha groove on and hear that serious hip hop in the city. Let me know where tha flava is and who's doing what. Hook me up with some of them VIPs and I will come out with the Fahrenheit crew and peep it! A'ight?

Be on the look out for the next issue on where to get that phat gear and who's droppin' more heat. Keep it deep and graveyard style!

Send yer stuff to dkompose@sdfahrenheit.com

- DKompose

"Full Course meal of Hip Hop with a little West Coast flavor"

Southbridge-Aug 19 2004
Fans in Central MA, and Northeastern CT who are starved for music with a lyrical beat can get their fill from San Diego, CA based Hip Hop artist FURYUS, on stage at the Evolving Artist Studios at 8:30 pm today, August 19th. "We are very excited to be the first stop for FURYUS on his East Coast Tour " said Derek Tremblay, who co-founded Southbridge-based Evolving Artist and evolvingartist.com. "[fans] can be a part of the studio audience or watch the live broadcast on [evolvingartist.com]."
According to the representatives of Stand Alone Muzik and Silver Tongue Music Entertainment, who are the companies that are coordinating the East Coast Tour, "FURYUS has been creating a buzz with his lyrical content and refreshing beats that take the world of hip-hop to a whole new level, while preserving the roots to its truest artistic form."
FURYUS recently landed the number-one spot for the hip-hop/R&B Category and boasts the second most played song on the ratesummusic.com. FURYUS is also currently number-nine on the charts for RHYTHM 94.7 in Abuja, Nigeria. After completing his tour of the West Coast, including shows in San Diego, Ocean Beach, Garden Grove, Los Angeles, Miramar, Albuquerque and Catalina Island, FURYUS is kicking off his East Coast Tour in Southbridge, and will include stops in Manchester, NH, Boston, and New York, For information about FURYUS, Evolving Artist, evolvingartist.com or upcoming shows or broadcasts from the Artist Development Complex, please call (508) 764-9500. Evolving Artist and EvolvingArtist.com offer premier media services for independent artists, including producing, hosting and archiving videos, as well as broadcasting original, on-site performances live over the Internet.

- Southbridge MA, Evening News

"Furyus at City Hall Plaza and Underground"

Underground Hip Hop Artist FURYUS will perform at City Hall Plaza at noon on Friday , August 20, and at The Underground 200 Elm street Saturday August 21. The San Diego- based artist is on his first East Coast tour to promote his new solo album. Recently, FURYUS debuted on ratesummusic.com at #1 for Hip Hop/ R&B. Besides expanding his fan base in the states, FURYUS also has a following internationally, in places as diverse as England and Nigeria. FURYUS produces his own music , and his style has been described as conscious Hip Hop with a notable influence of rhythm and blues.
- The Hippo Press

"Getting Six Feet Deep"

Get dug on this! That kid Furyus did a live performance on Jan. 28 at Dream Street and blew that beeoottch up! He held tha M.I.C. down for 45 minutes and did a phat azz job. With a special guest appearance by yours truly and ILL 9, fans won’t forget this jam. Dream Street is a perfect spot to rock tha crowd and I look forward to handling my beez with them in the future.

- Dkompose

"October Playlist WUML 95.1"

WUML 91.5fm Hot Local or Up & Coming Artists

TNT – Song Killin – To be released in mid November
XV – Stare & Whisper - http://www.royaltycity.com
One Love – Tonite - http://www.allcityrecords.com/
Lyrical – Focuz is back - http://www.invasionentertainment.biz/
Furyus – A Day in the Life - http://www.furyus-standalonemuzik.com/
AKIR – Politricks - http://www.oneenterprises.com/
Forgie – Draw the Line - http://www.myspace.com/forgie
Tempting Fate Revue – Headlines - http://www.temptingfaterevue.com/
Blacksnake – Mind over Matter - http://www.blacksnakemusic.com/
Byron Gibbs – Brother’s Keeper – off the Endless Praise Album

For More Playlists and for more information on WUML Rap Attack
Charting contact Jim Tess @ jimtess@hotmail.com
- Tyrell Smith Urban Director WUML

"Building A Hip Hop Scene"

Music — Building a hip-hop scene

DJ Dax opts for the simpler life but keeps up the beats

By Richie Victorino rvictorino@hippopress.com
Matt Dumond has performed at clubs in New York City and Miami under the name DJ Dax for years. But, having a daughter made Dax see his hometown of Manchester differently than when he grew up here.
The big cities didn’t offer the right environment for his baby and the Queen City’s cost of living was more attractive (well, comparatively).
Coming home may take Dax out of two of the largest musical hotbeds in the country, but he’s determined not to lose a beat.
He was considering either Providence or Manchester for his move, but was surprised how much the Queen City has grown while he was away.
“It’s a bustling urban environment,” he said. “I think it’s got a lot of potential.”
And he’s not the only one focused on bringing live hip-hop to the forefront of the Southern New Hampshire music culture.
“There’s more DJs around here than actual emcees,” said Jeannette Elgner of Silver Tongue Entertainment, which manages local hip-hop artist Furyus. “I think [New Hampshire] is actually craving to see live acts, not just dance music.”
Elgner, and hip-hop performers, are taking matters into their hands, and are attempting to poke through the mainstream of local music. They’re asking clubs to do freestyle shows, they’re making friends with local bands and pushing to perform mixed-genre shows (think Anthrax and Public Enemy).
“You have to create your own events, really,” Elgner said
Furyus (Markivus A. Nious) has befriended local rock band Session, which performs frequently on the local scene. He’s jumped on stage with them a few times, such as at Scorz in Nashua, and invited them to perform with him at his CD release party at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester in August for his album Still Standing.
Dax has been meeting with Iceman (Curt Felder) of Concord about arranging a gig at the Concord Grille sometime this summer.
Elgner is pushing places like the Underground and Empire Lounge in Manchester to showcase artists like Furyus, LB from Manchester and Iceman. Dania’s in Nashua is also showcasing live hip-hop. On July 7, Furyus and several other performers will hit the stage at Empire Lounge. Toward the end of the night there willll be a freestyle session.
“It’s not a battle, but a freestyle,” Elgner said. “This gives people in the audience and the performers the chance to show off their lyrical chops. It’s a similar format to the weekly Hip-hop Anonymous event at Harper’s Ferry in Boston.”
Freestyle is an avenue Elgner would like to see more of. She’d also like to see more hip-hop artists perform with local rock bands, which Furyus is doing with Session.
“I like to mix genres,” she said. “It gives people the opportunity to see new stuff.”
The relationship people assume between hip-hop and violence may also slow down what people like Elgner are trying to do.
“But I think that’s coming to a head,” Elgner said. Furyus, for example, is a “conscience hip-hop artist,” similar to major recording artist Common.
“I want people to find resolution or peace of mind into what I say,” Furyus said. “Music can uplift and it can also demean people. I want to speak to the positive side of hip-hop and music as a whole.”
Upcoming hip-hop shows:
July 7 — Empire Lounge, feat. Furyus, Killa Keat and LB and a freestyle session.
July 14 — Milly’s Tavern, hip-hop and metal - feat. Furyus, Iceman, My Life Crisis and more.
August 19 — Milly’s Tavern - Furyus’ CD release party feat. Session, Iceman and more.
For more information on the local hip-hop scene check out:
- Richie Victorino


Standing Alone EP- Summer 2004
Hip Hop The Only 1 I Need
Music Feeds The Needs of My Soul
The E.N.D.

Still Standing LP- August 2005

A Day In The Life
Beats And Rhythm
Lay With You
Hold Down Da Block
The Setting


Feeling a bit camera shy


Beats, Rhythm and Life are the three essentials in Emcee Furyus's growth in life and in music. In 2003 Furyus set on a journey to make an album that would break the mold and go against the grain in the mainstream Hip Hop market….. To make innovation the catch phrase of the day, and to serve as the foundation to his mission… Bringing soul and wordplay back into Hip Hop. In May of 2004 Furyus released his debut album "Standing Alone". "Standing Alone is a solid EP bringing together Furyus’s vivid wordplay and musical talents to the forefront. Furyus’s fluid flow is similar to prolific artist such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Common, and Talib Kweli. Unlike many artists in the music genre, Furyus's talents also go beyond being an emcee. Furyus is also a respected producer working with various artists such as D-kompose of Mooda Entertainment, Gary Devon of Night Vision Entertainment, and Keye of Valiant Music. Furyus’s musical talents serve as a way to make his mark in the music industry. His lyrical finesse and production skills vary so much that it is hard to sum his style in one category, from the Spanish influenced “Hip Hop the only 1 I need”, to the orchestra infused “Music Feeds the Needs of My Soul” found on his current groundbreaking EP, "Standing Alone" Furyus specializes in creating a twist in each song he produces. With heavy rotation in various college radio stations via 88.5 FM radio in Davenport IA, USCD radio KSDT 97.5, San Diego State Radio Station KCR 96.9, and Fresno State radio station KFCR 90.7 FM and KJY 1150 AM and KUNM 89.9 FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to charting to number 9 on 94.7 Rhythms in Abuja Nigeria; Furyus is creating a steady a buzz on radio stations home and abroad. Furyus is also creating a buzz online via online radio stations such as www.1mix.net , www.ratesummusic.com debuting at 2nd most played debut of the day and charting number one on the charts for Hip Hop and R&B charts. “Standing Alone” also had a top ten debut on England’s online radio station www.radiogetswild.com. “Standing Alone” received great reviews in urban magazines such as Fahrenheit Magazine and Urban Empire magazine. Furyus also performed at various events such as San Diego’s “ Bust a Groove” annual event opening for various dance groups such as Jam Control and Fusion, San Diego’s 2nd Annual Juneteenth event in Downtown San Diego. Marine Corps Air Station Farewell Show, where he performed for troops shipping out to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Not only limiting creating a buzz on radio, Furyus can also be heard on various mix tapes such as Tricky T’s Darkcyde volume 3 & 5 and Darkcyde Entertainments critically acclaimed “2 Turntables and a Mic” collaborating with San Diego emcees such as Tahir Jahi (www.TahirJahi.com ), and D-Kompose of Mooda Entertainment. In May of 2004 a representative of an East coast artist management company by the name of Silver Tongue Music Entertainment took notice of Furyus while performing at Dream Street, located on Ocean beach in San Diego. Silver Tonuge Music invited Furyus to tour various parts of the EAST during the summer of 2004. Furyus recently completed his EAST Coast promotional tour with various stops in Southbridge, Mass. Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston Mass. Meeting public figures such as the Mayor of Manchester and receiving press in various magazines such as The Hippo Press,NH, The Union Leader, NH and The Southbridge News, MA. He also had the opportunity of performing at the largest Hip Hop event in Boston opening up for D-Tension, Mike Stylz, Facts One, The Skitzofrenicks and Mr Lif at the legendary Paradise Rock Club in Boston Mass. He brught his rapid fire delivery and uncanny stage presence to New England establishing himself as now a bi-coastal emcee who knows now boundaries.

In the summer of 2005 Furyus released his solo LP "Still Standing" accompanied with a release party that featured Mach 5 (DJ Dax and Epic Visions), Session, Afro D Z AK, D-Tension, and Killa Keat. Singles off of the album "A Day in the Life", "The Setting", and "Lay with You" currently are in heavy rotation at various online and college radio stations along the New England area. WUML 91.5 list Furyus as a New England artist on the rise and list "A Day in the life" number 18 as the top 40 plays for 2005. You can also catch Furyus gracing the calendar of Sacramento based Urban design company Twin Flames 2006 Calendar. Furyus is also part of The U-N Delegations, a hip hop crew bringing the essence of bring original hip hop back, consisting of DJ Dax, Wize, and Epic Visions. In February 4, 2006 The U-N along with some New England artists will open up for Legendary Wu-Tang member U God at Cinco Nightclub in Nashua New Hampshire.

The movement has begun!!!!