Fusedmarc is undoubtedly one of the most exciting audiovisual bands from the Baltic States, reflecting the best moods of electronic, trip-hop and alternative genres. The live act is an unforgettable experience of vigorous live and electronic sound, moving vocal and visual scenery (www.fusedmarc.com)


Fusedmarc appeared in 2004 in Vilnius with immediate and ongoing success on the local scene as one of the breathtaking alternative electronic audio-visual bands, a project of both contemporary art and sound.

The performance involves impressive visual scenery with the use of electronic and acoustic instruments together and a moving live vocal. Digital instrumentation blends with pre-composed musical arrangements, giving the performance a live and spontaneous feel. Live visuals emotionally correspond to the flow of the composition. This combination of the on stage elements contributes to an amplified concert experience, giving the listener an opportunity to find unexpected emotive associations. Altogether the show is an audio visual 'experience', which is open to free interpretations.

Their music has received most positive feedback from the international music experts over the recent Baltic Music Conference in 2007, who have noted the exceptional originality and quality of the performance. In 2006 the band won the Music Breakthrough nomination at the alternative music awards in Lithuania. The most popular internet portal Ore (www.ore.lt) has voted Fusedmarc as the 2005 music discovery. The release of their debut Contraction EP (2005) on Sutemos Net Label has quickly gained highest praises of the appreciative public and been named as one of the most interesting musical projects in Baltic States Sutemos net label. Being among the initiative in Lithuanian alternative electronic scene, Fusedmarc is credited by many as the most talented, reflecting the best moods of downtempo, idm, electronic and trip-hop genres. The singer, at first named as Baltic Bjork by the press, deserves special attention in particular for the extraordinary strong vocal abilities of expression, signature style and naturally sweet behavior on stage.

By now, Fusedmarc have played at the following festivals abroad: Sziget festival (HU), Europavox (FR), Abrakadabra (RU), Plektrum (EE), Balticscandaal (EE), Klusa Daba (LV), Elektronic Baltikum (Dortmund), Patras European Capital of Culture 2006 (GR).
Since 2005 they headlined in local festivals such as Kulturos Tvartas, Tundra, Darom, Jauna Muzika, GoGaGa, etc.

With every performance Fusedmarc receive more and more worldwide interest, luckily very soon putting the band as one of the greatest alternative music exports from Lithuania.

For more information please visit the official website:
www.fusedmarc.com, and www.myspace.com/fusedmarc


Contraction EP, Sutemos 009 release on www.sutemos.net

Set List

The typical set list includes songs: Contraction, Similator, Tear&Tie, Underplatoe, Funny etc. Concert time 40min-1 h 20min.