Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

We are an uplifting, high energy funk band. We specialize in funk, soul, latin, and reggae grooves that make people move. Listen to us for 1 minute and you'll be hooked on Fusik.


Fusik (few -sick) was founded in August 2005 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The name reflects the band’s signature sound; a fusion of funk, soul and Latin genres. Common influences include James Brown, Booker T and the M.G’s and Santana. Fusik consists of five members:

Daniel “Felix” Garcia, 26 (Drums/Percussion)
Charles “Chip” Gardner, 29 (Keyboards)
Mack Henry Moore III, 29 (Guitar/Bass)
Andrews “Non M.S.” Mujica, 24 (Percussion)
Antonio “Sanchez” Rivera III, 31 (Guitar/Bass)

The band’s genesis was a mix of unique circumstance and musical fate. Daniel and his acclaimed Bboy (break-dance) crew, Unique Styles, frequently attended Catalyst; a local, non-profit venue that promotes the positive aspects of Hip-Hop culture for youth. It was there that Daniel and Mack first met, but it was an unexpected encounter at a local music store that revealed their kindred love for making music, and would set Fusik into motion. Mack introduced his friend Antonio to Daniel and the three proceeded to jam and discuss their musical influences. Daniel then enlisted his friend and fellow Unique Styles crew member, Andrews, to play percussion. Following a successful debut at Catalyst and a few other local events, the band landed their first notable performance in November 2005 at the International Hip Hop Jam, Evolution II, in Orlando, Florida for an audience of 3,000.

Following that landmark performance, Fusik soon built momentum through the Hip-Hop/Bboy community and found themselves playing shows in Atlanta, Georgia and practically all the major cities throughout Florida. Fusik independently released their debut album, FUSIK: Only a Few are Sick, in March 2007 and gained a dedicated audience in a number of countries across the globe. The band rounded out their lineup when they added the versatile and seasoned keyboardist, Charles Gardner, after he had seen the band perform at a local show. A few months later, Fusik embarked on their first European performances in Saint Brieuc, France and Barcelona, Spain in June 2008. Six months later, the band returned to France to play the annual Hip Opsession festival in the city of Nantes. Recent performances include the Hip Hop Connection Festival, Italy, and Freestyle Session 12 year Anniversary in Hollywood, California. The band’s sophomore album, Hot Skillet, is set to release in late November.



FUSIK - HOT SKILLET (coming soon!)

Set List

We have over 3 hours of original material. We also play some James Brown, Booker T and other funk classics.