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I am a solo artist who writes and sings mostly about the experiences I've had in my life and how I believe that we are all angels and good people, hoping that the world will realize that one day.


My parents are avid music lovers, and hence, ever since my birth, I have been surrounded by music. There are pictures of me at 2 in the middle of one of my parents' parties with a plastic guitar pretending to entertain the guests! My loving parents always sang to me their favorite songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, Jose Feliciano, and many others. And at 6, I started with piano lessons; every Thursday until the age of 14. Classical piano that is, with a little bit of Scott Joplin as well. I picked up my dad's Hofner guitar at age 12 and started jamming with my best friend Buzz. We'd sing oldies like Earth Angel, Let It Be, Runaway and my guitar skills got better. When in Cyprus after the Gulf War, I did not have my piano, so I focused on guitar, improving my finger picking and rhythms, although I never really focused on lead.

I started writing songs in 1992, my first being When Will Life Begin for the ISC Senior Project.

Then I came to Montreal for McGill University and continued to practice guitar practically every night. I met Mo and Gish both in 1995 and since then always had musicians to jam with on a regular basis.

We three started FUSIONpresents in July 2002 to help promote each others' music and after leaving L'Oreal in April 2003, I began performing regularly around Montreal. I'm now going to be in Vancouver starting in January to build my music career in an English market place, so if you're ever around B.C., check out www.fusionpresents.com and see where I'm playing!

Looking forward,


Strange Girls

Written By: Sami Ghawi

True story coming bout a really pretty girl that stole my mind
She was so cool, made me a fool
We’d kiss and tell all those stories everyday calling her calling me
Were we really meant to be
With her so close to me

Now I’m alone
No one girl to call my own
Waking up, going out, coming home, being alone
Again I’m cold,
close the window and the door
(Don’t you know)
attitude turns me off more

Another Strange girl has come my way
Do all you girls just act the same
Another Strange girl has come my way

All of the times
That I gave my heart to you
Whispering loving things
I was always being true
We'd stay awake
Wondering how you would take
All the things that I would say
Saving up for a heartbreak

And in the end
All the thoughts that I'd defend
Lead you to leave me too
Cause they mean that much to you

Another Strange girl has come my way
Do all you girls just act the same
Another Strange girl has come my way
And I don’t want to play these games

Another Strange girl has come my way
Do all you girls just act the same
Another Strange girl has come my way
But I don't want to play these games


All of my demos are posted on www.fusionpresents.com.

They include:
Grandad Sam, Hey Mr. Silverfish, My Friend John, Esta Bien, Another FP, Angell Woods, and Empty Dreams.

Set List

I usually perform three sets of 45 minutes each, however my longest performance was at O'Regan's Irish Pub in Montreal, lasting 5 hours!!!

In shows I love to play both originals and covers, as I feel the way I do covers is original : ) I switch between guitar and piano.

Here is a list of many of the songs I perform:

Fusion Presents Sami
Another FP
The Truth of it All
Grandad Sam
My Friend John
Esta Bien – “Woman!”
Hey Mr. Silverfish
Gimme Some Attention
Till The Fat Lady Sings

Fusion Presents Gish
She’s for real
His Girlfriend
Pretty Face

Fusion Presents Mo
Heart of Stone
Like You
Diamond Girl

The Beatles
I saw her standing there
From me to you
She loves you
All my loving
And I love her
Ticket to ride
You’ve got to hide your love away
Norwegian wood
Day tripper
Nowhere man
In my life
Paperback writer
Till there was you
You can’t do that
Across the Universe
Do you know want to know a