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The best kept secret in music


"FP performs again @ Les Rythmes Tremblant Festival in Mont Tremblant"

July 31 2004

FP Artists Sami and Mo performed for the second time at Scene Vieux Tremblant at Mont Tremblant, Quebec on July 31 2004. The performance was part of the Rythmes Tremblant series of shows hosted by Montreal production company, Productions Phaneuf. Terrace and restaurant guests, as well as crowds of passers by, were entertained for 3 sets of 45 minutes full of memorable cover songs. Sami also broke a personal record by breaking two guitar strings in one performance!

- www.fusionpresents.com

"FP performs @ Le Swimming"

June 10 2004

FUSIONpresents held its first FP Artist Showcase at Le Swimming on F1 Thursday June 10th 2004. The event served to showcase 3 original bands to an audience of FP Members and others.

The event began at 1045pm with the original music of Guy Pharand on electric guitar accompanied by bassist Dany Theriault. Guy describes his music as Psycho Rock'a'Billy! To learn more about Guy's music, please visit www.guypharand.com

The FUSIONpresents band performed next at 1130, showcasing the original music of FP Artists Mo and Sami. The FP Band at Le Swimming comprised of Mo (Nylon Guitar, Keyboards, Tamberine and Vocals), Sami (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Guy (Electric Guitar), Danick (Drums) and Olivier (Bass). The band performed the following playlist:

Catwalk (Sami)
Hey Ya (Outkast)
My Apartment (Sami)
Diamond Girl (Mo)
Heart of Stone (Mo)
Another Lonely 24 (Sami)
Strange Girls (Sami)
Everlasting Love (U2)
Come on Eileen (Save Ferris)
Without You (Mo)
Baby Baby Baby (Mo)

FP Artist Gish was invited on stage at the end of the FP show to perform with the FP Band the Montreal summer hit song, Summer.

Montreal rock band Purusha headlined the FP Showcase with an overwhelming performance of energy and impeccable music. The band, comprised of Hanna (Vocals), Waleed (Electric Guitar), Ossama (Electric Guitar), Wolf (Drums) and Rob (Bass) performed all original music to an enthusiastic crowd. The band also distributed free signed t-shirts to the audience and sold cds at the close of the event. Purusha also performed at the Montreal Fringe Fest on Friday June 11 2004 and Saturday June 12 2004. Fore more information on Purusha, please visit www.purushamusic.com

To learn more on Le Swimming, please visit www.leswimming.com

- www.fusionpresents.com

"Mayor Appeals for Unity"

May 16, 2004

Mayor Gerald Tremblay at Angell Woods Appreciation Day in Beaconsfield yesterday. Listening are Mohammad Absi-Halabi (left) and Sami Ghawi of a group called Fusion Presents. Tremblay says saying no is a democratic expression.

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay said he's not worried about losing his job as head of the megacity.

"It has nothing to do with my personal career," Tremblay said yesterday before making a last plea for unity as he shook hands in Beaconsfield with green activists at the entrance of the 80-hectare Angell Woods.

Instead, Tremblay said he was fighting for truth and democracy.

"Democracy also means saying 'No' to signing the register, but you have to be properly informed and that's my responsibility."

Whatever problems plague Montreal - transportation, environmental protection, infrastructure, housing - will not disappear with demergers, he said.

"We cannot solve problems if we're divided," Tremblay said. For example, Beaconsfield by itself has little chance of protecting Angell Woods, he said.

While demerger fans are promising registers will bring back the old cities, "they're not telling the truth. They're not going to get their city back, people know that," Tremblay said.

"Then they knock on doors and say 'Listen, it doesn't matter, we'll convince the government to change their position.' It's not going to happen."

But referendums are a way of having "our voices heard," Hudson resident Bernard Soukman told the mayor.

"As many people as possible should sign (the register) so the government recognizes that people want to have their say," Soukman said. "I think the message has to go to Quebec. People want a chance at a referendum."

There's a lot of emotion fuelling the debate, Tremblay said.

"People aren't mad at me - they're mad at the government." But the fallout, he warned, will entail "more expenses, more taxes and less power."

In debates he's attended in the suburbs, Tremblay said, he was often asked one question: " 'Are you going to help us if we leave?'

"Can't you see there's a contradiction in what they're asking me? Don't sign the register and we'll work together."

For times and places of registers on Montreal Island, please call: 514-868-4220. On the Net: www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/registres2004/pdf/Public%20Notice.28.04.04 .pdf

For Longueuil: www.longueuil.ca/vw/ asp/siteweb/Accueil.asp

Residents of other cities should check their municipal Web site or contact the city clerk's office.


- Charlie Fidelman for The Gazette - Montreal

"FP @ O'Regans"

July 5th 2003

FUSIONpresents Artist Sami, Mo, & Gish perform at O'Regans Irish Pub (1224 Bishop). The night, which was called "A Tribute to the Beatles," featured many of the many hits the Beatles have given us. FP also played other cover songs as well as some of FP's own original music. We would like to thank all of you that attended that wonderful night, and hope you had a good time with us. We would also like to thank all the people at O'Regans for making the night possible and pleasant. We look forward to seeing you at O'Regans soon.

- www.fusionpresents.com


All of my demos are posted on www.fusionpresents.com.

They include:
Grandad Sam, Hey Mr. Silverfish, My Friend John, Esta Bien, Another FP, Angell Woods, and Empty Dreams.


Feeling a bit camera shy


My parents are avid music lovers, and hence, ever since my birth, I have been surrounded by music. There are pictures of me at 2 in the middle of one of my parents' parties with a plastic guitar pretending to entertain the guests! My loving parents always sang to me their favorite songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, Jose Feliciano, and many others. And at 6, I started with piano lessons; every Thursday until the age of 14. Classical piano that is, with a little bit of Scott Joplin as well. I picked up my dad's Hofner guitar at age 12 and started jamming with my best friend Buzz. We'd sing oldies like Earth Angel, Let It Be, Runaway and my guitar skills got better. When in Cyprus after the Gulf War, I did not have my piano, so I focused on guitar, improving my finger picking and rhythms, although I never really focused on lead.

I started writing songs in 1992, my first being When Will Life Begin for the ISC Senior Project.

Then I came to Montreal for McGill University and continued to practice guitar practically every night. I met Mo and Gish both in 1995 and since then always had musicians to jam with on a regular basis.

We three started FUSIONpresents in July 2002 to help promote each others' music and after leaving L'Oreal in April 2003, I began performing regularly around Montreal. I'm now going to be in Vancouver starting in January to build my music career in an English market place, so if you're ever around B.C., check out www.fusionpresents.com and see where I'm playing!

Looking forward,