Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A hot mess of a threesome located in Toronto's nether regions.

Stuff coming! At some point in time! Hopefully before the end of the world!


Up beat, dirty indie rock punk garage shit. Consistently writing new songs and playing shows whenever our busy work/life schedules allow.

We're three, easy going, dedicated, high school friends reunited to form Fuss who had started jamming late Fall 2010. After each being in other projects with certain vain ideals as a source of motivation, we just decided to have fun with it. Since then we've just been going strong, playing what we like and letting things happen as they will.

This summer will be a blast, unless the world ends or something. Things started off well with CMW this year and with so many new songs in the works, recording a full length is a must, as well as the possibility of a small tour in August. We're really starting to find our sound, which is kind of weird to say considering we're an ever changing landscape adapting to our own influences, but there's still that Fuss-i-ness.

Thanks for checkin us out!


Speakeasy - Fall 2012 (Digital EP)
Grave Danger - Winter 2011 (2 Song Digital Release)
About Nothing Demos - Summer 2011

Set List

*-indicates the songs we most often/usually play for a show for a 40-60 minute set
New Note*
Cereal Kiln*
Sympathetic Strings*
Running For Popsicle Sticks
Harrison Solo
Better Metal
European Girls*
Roy Oriphison
Disaster, The Band*
The 80s Was a Colour
World Record*
The Wood Was Made For Alcoholics
Get in the Flask!
Vertical City
Shake, My Baby!*