Falling Up Stairs

Falling Up Stairs


Falling Up Stairs is a 3-piece pop-punk/alternative band from Hamden, CT.


Pop-punk from Hamden, CT. Nothing about that description stands out; a generic genre from a no-name town. But once you get past the obscurity of it all, and just pop in their EP, To You We Salute, you will see that the aspirations behind FUS reach much further than generic pop-punk and a no-name town. Combining catchy melodies, funky slap bass, energetic beats, and thoughtful, yet playful, lyrics, Falling Up Stairs is a band that wants nothing more than to establish its own sound and redefine a genre towards which eyes are so often rolled.
Formed in the Spring of 2007, the band (at the time consisting of lead singer/guitarist Alex Marmor, bassist Josh Flores-Vitti, drummer Marc Prescott, and guitarist Matt Dinnan) started off playing Green Day covers. After going through several names, the band finally settled on Falling Up Stairs, and played their first show as such in Fall of 2008. In the year since, Falling Up Stairs has solidified their line-up (Alex on guitar/lead vocals, Josh on bass/vocals, and Marc on drums/vocals), has played dozens of shows, and has recorded a 5-song EP at Adorea Recording Studio in Hamden, CT. Dealing with time-less topics such as loneliness, love, and independence, TYWS is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Lala.
And the band shows no signs of slowing down. With a DIY work ethic, and a constant flow of creativity, combined with a goal of mainstream success, Falling Up Stairs is relentlessly writing new material, improving their sound, booking shows, and promoting themselves to anyone that will listen, aiming to reach as many ears as possible. Over the coming year, FUS will continue to push themselves to their limits and play as many shows as possible; you may even see a tour or two coming up for 2010. No guarantees, but keep your ears open ;)



Written By: Falling Up Stairs

Where did you come from?
I used to be so lonesome
But now
I’ve got someone to stand by my side

The only one
She’s all I need
She’s all I need to live and breathe
I want to tell her just how much she means to me

Oh rose
You’re blooming in my mind
You’re spreading everywhere
You’ve grown to be so fine

Oh rose
The sun that lights your face
Leaves it without a trace
Of shadow or deface

How can I explain
That I’d do anything
To be by your side all the time

So close your eyes and I will show
Just how far I’d go
To be with you right now


Chorus x2


Written By: Falling Up Stairs

I’m so alone
There’s people all around me
But I’m still on my own

So far from home
I’m lost inside my head
And there is nowhere to go

I’m speechless
I’ve got nothing to say
Cat’s got my tongue
But I’m dumb anyways

I don’t know why I’m here
I don’t know anything at all
Can’t tell what’s wrong and what went well
My life’s become a living hell

And hopefully
The answers just around the bend
Somehow I’ll find a way to put
All these frustrations to an end

What can I do?
I’m flabbergasted, I’m confused
To you I salute

You loneliness
You conquered me so valiantly
Threw me in the abyss

I’m speechless
I’ve got nothing to say
Cat’s got my tongue
But I’m dumb anyways




To You We Salute EP - available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Lala

Streaming on:
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/fustairs
Purevolume - http://www.purevolume.com/fustairs
ReverbNation - http://www.reverbnation.com/fustairs

Set List

Typical set length: 30-45 minutes