Futile Monkey

Futile Monkey


This music makes it's own rock genre. Memorable lyrics, catchy infectious melodies, amazing guitar, big beats and strong vocals.


Inspired by many great bands and artists, Futile Monkey makes it's own music. Talented song writing and tube driven guitar makes new fans out of every listener. Stanley Serrao,founder, singer and guitar player for Futile Monkey is a lifelong musician. He made a commitment to himself after nearly losing to ability to do what he loves most, make music. Stanley suffered an unfortunate construction accident which cost him his ring finger and badly damaged his thumb on his guitar fingering hand! During the long healing process Stanley promised himself that if he could learn to play again that music would never take a back seat to lifes distractions and demands. Experiencing the quickness of lifes circumstances and how easily things loved can be taken away opens ones eyes. He re-learned to play the instrument he loves and quite possibly even better than before. Music no longer takes a back seat and that is everyones good fortune


Futile Monkey 8 song demo

Set List

We are an all original band with dozens of well crafted tunes