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"Futs Lung in Cherry Music"

If ‘Futs Lung’ were a massive band familiar to millions and had album sales dwarfing Chris Martins efforts then each song would be gleefully sung by the assembled masses. It’s a shame then that only a few hardcore fans knew a handful of songs. However they were the perfect end to the day of guitar orientated music. This Somerset band create choruses that make you grab the closest person in a drunken joy and shout your Love for the complete stranger. A fitting end to the bands, and in hindsight the calm before the storm which manifested itself in stage invading madness that took us to four am
-Gav Harry 2006 (Cherry Music) - Gav Harry 2006 (Cherry Music)


Futs Lung are in fact excellent; huge slabs of Muse, Radiohead introspectiveness and Mansun textures are all inherent throughout, but the band also has plenty of their own authority to stamp all over it. Charisma abounds through the excellent voice of vocalist Jon Bentley.
This band is really very good!
-Mike Spall (southscene.net) - Mike Spall (southscene.net)


It was going to be interesting to see how Somerset’s finest, 'Futs Lung', would fair with a marquee full of drunken revellers. Being one of the only local bands playing at Farmfest due to cancellations, they had the county to represent with their emotive, stadium (or tent) filling pop rock. ‘Slow Down Joe’ treated the crowd to a ‘Paranoid Android’ chorus and Led-like guitaring, if this song was a shot in cricket it went for 6. As did ‘Its All Good’ a slower moodier number that builds upwards until the anticipation of the hook becomes unbearable.
Apart from the guy who had collapsed behind the fridge at the bar, it fixated the masses with its rolling bass and crashing drums and the lead singers’ ethereal voice. It would be unfair to keep name checking Muse and Radiohead when describing The Hazes sound, as much as it would be unfair to keep referencing Radiohead when describing Muse. This Somerset four piece have a heavy darker edge to them that makes their songs ‘Deliverance’ –like menacing. People tried to do a little festival jig to ‘Out The Box’ however the sheer force of the song picked them up, slapped them in the face and said ‘Its head bang or nothing, f**kface’.
A band worthy of the following they have built up in the recent months, but be careful, if you join this band on their road to success you are in it for the long haul as these songs won’t ever let you go.
-Gav Harry 2007 (Rockfeedback.com - farmfest) - (Rockfeedback.com - farmfest)

"Cd WOW"

...Must put a word in for one of their support bands as well... 'Futs Lung' are a bit like 'Muse' and 'Alice In Chains' (just my opinion). You may have heard of them as "Haze", a name change just occurred. These guys have some great rock tunes, clever construction and good solid guitar playing, a great young band and one to watch for the future my friends
-Bad Dad (CD WOW) - Bad Dad (CD WOW)


Futs Lung headline one the most pocket sized festival on this seasons calendar. Dorset’s best kept secret Pittball can’t stay this size forever it's more of a market pitch of a festival than boutique extravaganza, just how they were in the long forgotten dayz of our forbearer's.
The true surprise, was finding a band like Futs Lung at this Dorset Hideaway their recent and wise decision to change there name from The Haze, seams to have spiced up there diary no end. They arrived hot off the road with a set list played while supporting Supergrass in Salisbury, and also having recently supported Alabama 3. The future for these West Country chaps is looking very un-hazy.
With tracks like ‘Its All Good’ it really is! They deliver the tranquil melancholic opening and a hectic heavy and sexy finish, with oodles of confidence. The guitar and bass entwine perfectly together as Dan beats his heart out on the drums.
They Wish’ has the guitars almost story telling a 70’s space expedition, shear heaven. With an energetic take on the ‘Beatles Eleanor Rigby’ the feverish guitar led crescendo leaves a frenzied high in the air.
You could compare them to Radiohead and Muse, and there are essence of them both but it’s a good hybrid mix of them and so much more, they can play, sing and punch all the right influences in-between.
The new single 'Departed' will, with a little luck be out next month, and if your quick you can download their last few tunes as The Haze from their myspace. You may be able to catch them live at London Calling on the 19th June at The Fly, Reading 11th July, Boscombe 6th Sept and wrap up warm for the 15th Nov in Prague.
-XR - Xr


Free Single Download of "Departed" Also Limited Edition 7" Vinyl of "Departed"&"5/4"
Debut album being recorded Feb 09 for Release in Summer 09. Live Tracks and other studio tracks available on our website/Myspace/Facebook pages



Futs Lung play energizing and cleverly crafted rock songs with balls. Hailing from Glastonbury they have built a strong local following and for the past couple of years they have been gigging across the UK and have gained a large national fan base. The past 6 months has proved very exciting for Futs Lung. They have released a Limited edition 7” vinyl and free download of their new single “DEPARTED”. They have been working to raise their profile in the industry operating with select promoters and venues. They have performed at many showcases and gigs including 2 main support dates with Supergrass, also the newly refurbished Bournemouth opera house and Bristol Carling Academy supporting Alabama 3. Many sold out headline shows at the Camden Barfly plus others at the Brixton Jamm.

Futs Lung start 2009 getting ready to record their debut album to release this summer, which will be promoted with a tour of the festivals and a small Uk/European tour later in the year.