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"Future Future Fuze Garage Rock Fuzz and Electro Fun"

Future Future Fuze Garage Rock Fuzz and Electro Fun!
May 2, 9:00am AZLTRON
New Jersey's Future Future is made up of talented teenage brothers Jordan Lawlor and Jamie Lawlor who write wailing punk rock tunes saturated in electronic distortion and synth washes. If you're searching for the next big punktronic crossover hit look ye no further! Future Future - Teeth Future Future Myspace AZLTRON MUSIC BLOG - AZLTRON

"Future Future - Future Future (Independently released CD EP, Rock/pop)"

These guys have an odd attitude-driven sound that is something like a modern twenty-first century take on the music of The Frogs (the vocals are particularly similar at times). The seven songs on this EP range from pop to synth punk to rock...and then back to pop again. When they're really pumping, the guys in Future Future can deliver a mighty whomp. When they're going for pop...they come up with some strikingly catchy melodies. The band is the duo consisting of brothers Jordan Lawlor (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, electronics) and Jamie Lawlor (drums, percussion). Catchy driving cuts include "Television Glow" (a really great rock track), "Teeth," "Stephanie," and "Hard To Exist." Cool stuff that delivers a punch.

(Rating: 5++)
- Baby Sue

"For more press visit www.myfuturefuture.com/press.html"

. - Various


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Emerging: Teenage Millionaire
Sep 10, 08

This band has only been playing together for about 5 months. They have, however, had to live with each other for their entire lives. That's because, you guessed it, Teenage Millionaire is a duo of Jordan and Jamie, aged 16 and 14 respectively, who are rock 'n roll loving brothers from the great state of New Jersey. That's all you would need to know, of course, if you had no want to hear what they sound like. And what do they sound like? A 10-car pile-up. No survivors.

- The Culture of Me


Future Future are an up and coming angst-ridden teen band that, I have a feeling, will be sweeping venues across the nation in 2009 following the release of there first EP. Luckily I am going to New York City this week so I will get to witness their performance at the Bowery Poetry Club before they are super popular rock stars. Check out their myspace and the interview they sent me. See you at the show!

ME: How long have you been doing music and what have you done with it? What instruments can you play? You obviously have training, what has that been and who with?

JORDAN: Well, we’ve both dabbled in music along with other art forms for most of our lives. As we matured it became apparent music was the easiest of the arts for us, and probably the best way to get attention. So we formed the band last May [2008]. We can play most instruments. We’re mostly self-taught, but I took guitar lessons for while with a great guitarist named Bill Wright, and Jamie trained with a highly acclaimed jazz drummer named Karl Latham.

ME: Where do you live and where have you lived? What do you value about the community or scene in your area? Do you wish that somethings would change? What scenes happening in the world are you interested in and why?

JORDAN: We’ve lived in a small Jersey town called Sparta most of our lives. From what I understand the music scene was once as abundant and exciting as a scene could be in a small well-to-do town. But parents and cops eventually lead to it’s demise, bands broke up or went to college and the environment for an aspiring band is pretty much abysmal. As for other scenes, I’ve been in love with the whole Ed Banger thing for a while, and Williamsburg obviously has some cool bands.

ME: Are you apart of any sort of music collective and are collaborating with some people. If yes, what is the project and what is your hope to do with it? Who have been the most enriching artists you’ve worked with and why? Who did you connect with most on a personal level? Do you have any major influences?

JORDAN: For all the crap bands that Suburbia seems to thrive on, there’s some truly great bands from north Jersey, unfortunately we’ve yet to collaborate with them. Our influences are wide, but we mostly listen to pop music. Artists that work in the pop format, but constantly challenge it and push the boundaries. Kanye, Radiohead and Gnarls Barkley among many others are doing innovative things in their production and with their image while keeping great music and great hooks in mind. That’s what we want.

ME: What can we expect from you in the future?

JORDAN: You can expect a 6-7 song EP somewhere in early 2009, and a show on the 26th at the Bowery Poetry club.

ME: Do you have any personal, political, spiritual, emotional or other views you specifically like to get across with your music? How do you plan to translate that to your audience, and how do you feel about their responses so far?

JORDAN: There’s always a particular point I’d like to get across in my lyrics. The majority songs are written at the peak of my loneliness at 3am in my bedroom. This is a point of view that all the songs thus-far contain lyrically and that I feel is absent right now in modern day pop music, the music teenagers listen to today hardly delve into all that potent and pure unbridled emotion. Everyone’s singing about the club or whatever, no one’s representing the fucked up, teenage world that I see.

ME: Where have you been on tour that you would like to visit again? Where would you like to visit? Where have you played that you like? Where would you like to play? Do you like touring or would you like to? What is the biggest obstacle you have when putting a tour together? Booking information?

JORDAN: We’ve never been on a tour but from what I’ve seen on television and read in books, it sounds like a blast. We got a chance to play at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park once, which was a really great experience. We like to play at any place with a good stage, sound guy and/or sound system, which was probably the best thing about that venue. We’ve both always had a dream of playing a set on “Later… with Jools Holland”, a live music show from the UK.
If you’d like to book us some place just email jlawlor@mohawk-productions.com.

Interview on 'Minor Progression' blog:

http://minorprogression.com/2008/12/21/teenage-millionaire-interview-and-tour-schedule/ - Minor Progression

"Best NJ Unsigned Bands"


The members of Future Future (formerly Teenage Millionaire) have only been playing together for seven months and yet they’ve already played many gigs like one at the Stone Pony and won the Sparta, NJ, Battle Of The Bands (quite prestigious). How is this possible? Well, the duo has been living together their entire lives. Yep, Jordan and Jamie Lawlor are brothers. Seventeen-year-old Jordan sings and plays guitar, keyboards, and loops while 14-year-old Jamie plays drums.

Altogether their music is reminiscent of the Cold War Kids with smoother and more soulful vocals. They look up to Kanye West and Radiohead for their ability to dabble in all different types of music and still be great. So some songs will have classic rock style guitar solos, and others will have techno beat beginnings. You’ll be able to hear that on their upcoming debut EP and at the Tara Station for Millenium Music in Harrisburg, PA, on Feb. 13. For more info, go to myspace.com/futuretwice.

- The Aquarian Weekly

"Millenium Music Conference"

The Future Future is now, er Friday, at Tara Station
Posted by Michael Sedor/PennLive.com February 12, 2009 13:00PM
Categories: Millennium Music Conference, Music

Photo Courtesy Of Artist's MySpace Page
Future Future start Friday night lineup off at Tara Station.Tara Station's Friday night MMC13 showcase gets started at 9 with New Jersey duo Future Future, one of the bands I'm most looking forward to hearing this weekend.
After a first listen I queried my wife with the requisite, "Who do they sound like?"

She offered, "Maybe a cross between LCD Soundsystem and Duran Duran."

I countered, "You'll never believe that both of those bands' members are old enough to be Future Future's parents."

It's true. Neither member of the sibling pair is old enough to drive but, alas, they are old enough to be rock stars.

The talented brothers formed Teenage Millionaire, which is n/k/a Future Future, just nine months ago. Their reasoning as explained to minorprogression.com:

As we matured it became apparent music was the easiest of the arts for us, and probably the best way to get attention.
Clever, pragmatic kids. Their first EP is scheduled to be released this spring.

Following Future Future at Tara Station is Providence, R.I. rockers VulGarrity and New Jersey's DubSound Distortion.

Another double speak band, Brooklyn's Cinema Cinema, come on at midnight and Harrisburg's new wave nostalgists The Programaddicts finish up at 1.

Below is Future Future's performance of "Dr. Albert" taped at New Jersey's legendary Stone Pony:

- Penn Live.com


Future Future - EP



Future Future is a project created by brothers Jamie and Jordan Lawlor. Jordan Lawlor is a member of the french Indie band M83, headed by Anthony Gonzalez.

Future Future was named by Esquire Magazine as one of the top 10 bands to watch at SXSW 2010


Brothers Jordan (vox, guitar, keys, bass) and Jamie (drums, percussion) have become. Growing out of the Jersey punk scene, the teen duo has managed to craft a sound reminiscent of classic British New Wave while keeping their feet firmly planted in their punk roots. Experimental to the core, Future Future has crafted a sound wholly from their own environment, right down to the broken Rhodes Piano and Theramin-in-plastic-baby-head combination. Their debut EP, Future Future will startle you awake with its fresh mix of old and new sounds; just enough edge to get a basement party going, just enough electronic rhythm to hit the clubs, and just enough pop sensibility to give this project real commercial oomph.

"If you're searching for the next big punktronic crossover hit look ye no further!" -Azltron

"When they're really pumping, the guys in Future Future can deliver a mighty whomp. When they're going for pop...they come up with some strikingly catchy melodies." - (5++) Babysue/LMNOP