Future Historians

Future Historians


We sing fok songs and rock out.


Future Historians was started by songwriter Dave Shur as a recording project, with the basic goal of simplicity and honesty in the music. A permanent band formed in the process with some of the players on the record and their super cool friends. The band is focused entirely on the songs themselves, with arrangements ranging from stark and minimal to layered and rocking. The most famous influences are Neil Young, The Kinks, Paul Simon and Wilco, but even more influential than those are the numerous and diverse bands of Portland that have shaped us as musicians over the last several years.


Future Historians EP - King of Hearts Records 2008
"Family Tree" - Willamette Week Christmas Compilation 2008
Full lenth record - due out fall 2009

Set List

Our typical set is 8-10 songs, 35-45 minutes, all originals with possible one cover. Covers include Neil Young and The Kinks.