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Future in Plastics

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"NXNE 2010 Snapshot"

Future in Plastics from Brooklyn, New York delivered a very memorable performance. Their melodramatic punk rock features a lead female singer and a male singer who sometimes converse in dialoge. This and their edgy song structures are sometimes reminiscent of the B-52s. The band definitely knows how to captivate the audience and make them listen to their lyrics. Lead singer Coco Medvitz was obviously pregnant at the time of the performance, so when the time came to introduce the band members, singer and guitarist Culley Johnson did not fail to introduce the baby as well. Future in Plastics is definitely a band to look out for and catch live if you can. - IndieSolo

"NYC bands on the rise: Future In Plastics"

Future in Plastics is an outfit based on the tenets of Thoreau's Civil Disobedience and Bon Jovi's Tour Manual. Anchored in early punk sounds, blues, and arcane end-of-the-dial rock n' roll. Old-time tent revival gospel preaching monstrously crossbred with thick-eyeliner, synths and heavy guitars. The resulting offspring is a mutant form of rock and roll with echoes of early Heart, X , Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, PJ Harvey. The performances are sweaty, apocalyptic minstrel shows with fireball Coco as interlocutor. Check them out at the Knit on December 29. - The Deli Magazine

"Future in Plastics EP (Review)"

Every band needs essential pieces in order to be successful. Listening to the 3-song EP from the Future in Plastics, you can hear the sparkling cohesiveness of this Brooklyn based quartet. They have amazing hooks, fun lyrics and Coco, as the tremendous frontwoman and keyboardist, a true rocker chick. Think of Debbie Harry and Axl Rose’s love child singing punk in high heels. Rounded out by the extremely talented Paul on bass, Eddie on drums and Culley on guitars, they rock with reckless abandon. Songs, such as their hit “Dead Sea Rolls,� are a dying breed. The stunning melodies and achingly fierce vocals dare you to take Coco up on her offer to “Gimmee a go!� They have a very extensive repertoire which can be, and should be, seen at their live shows. While the EP is spectacular, they truly excel at live performances. Nothing tops seeing Coco jump around onstage in purple suede pumps and a babydoll dress while singing back and forth with her gentlemen, “…I’m burnin’ up, I’m burnin’ up, I’m burnin’ up…!� The music is raw, the band members are true musicians and the shows are magnificent. They are on the rise, and should not be missed, under any circumstance. - comfortcomes.com

"Street Voice Reviews (UK) - Keeping Real Music Alive November 2007"

FUTURE IN PLASTICS - EPK: I hate electronic kits as a rule and hate reviewing them as I prefer to see and feel a hard copy of what a band releases. This Brooklyn based band impressed me enough to write a review as they have some great songs including 'X-Eyed Crystal', '(No) PDA in the CIA' and 'Snow'. Future In Plastics play Punk-Punk with some Pop tunes thrown in there to add a different dimension and you know it works well. They're a quality band who play really tight and vocalist Coco Medvitz adds the finishing touches to what are one of New Yorks finest bands. A band well worthy of being checked out. 9/10 - Street Voice UK Music Magazine

"Future in Plastics @ Bastianich Kick-Off"

At this point it was only one in the afternoon, and I found my self distracted by the rock band playing at the other end of the driveway. I became so engrossed that I told the guys to leave without me. The 5-piece outfit based in NYC is called Future In Plastics, and can be described as a rather tight, progressive, retro punk-new wave fusion (think The Police meets No Doubt meets The B52s) with a catalog of original tunes, and a hot, sassy, provocative and unpredictable female lead singer who goes by Coco Medvitz. Check out their page on myspace.com, or their own site: FutureInPlastics.com, and hire these guys for the prom or a wedding before they end up on Kimmel or SNL and their fee goes up. I guarantee excellence. - Suburban Wine & Spirits

"Future In Plastics Wins CW11/WPIX and Pepsi Battle of the Bands Contest"



New York, NY – November 21, 2007 – The fans have spoken! Future in Plastics has been selected as the fan favorite in the CW11 & Pepsi 2007 Battle of the Bands Contest in conjunction with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. CW11/WPIX, Tribune Broadcasting's CW affiliate in New York and Pepsi will help Future in Plastics get out of the garage and into the spotlight.

In a contest that began in October, unsigned bands from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut uploaded their band information and original song on CW11's website: www.cw11.com/battleofthebands and an in-house jury culled the submissions down to 11 semi-finalists: Future in Plastics, The Backbeat, Cloud 9, Ultralust, James Kinney, The Dirty Tricks, Blindswitch, United Funk Order, Status Joe, Wil Deynes, and Mission Failed. From November 8 through November 20th fans were able to vote online for their favorite band and Future in Plastics was selected the favorite.

Future in Plastics, which hails from Brooklyn, will play their winning song "No PDA in the CIA" live on "The CW11 Morning News" on Friday, November 23rd at 8:50 am. Band members include: Coco Medvitz -Vocals, Culley Johnson - Guitar and vocals, Andrew Ranaudo – Keyboards, Paul Harlan – Bass and Percy Rodriguez – Drums.

- CW11

"Future in Plastics"

Brooklyn band the Future in Plastics are bringing back lady-fronted rock in the most wonderful way possible. Lead singer Coco exudes what it would be like to see Bettie Page singing 80s punk. The music is raw and scratches you in all the right places, and the show these guys put on is nothing short of a ruckus; you can see the sweat flying in all directions. - Quiet Color

"future in plastics: u look like a model"

...a band that plays hard, looks cool and raises hell... Future in Plastics from Brooklyn, NYC, is a mix-up of Blondie and the Shirts with politics (Dubya bashing, a snippet of the Star Spangled banner) thrown in. Hell yeah!...

- Here Comes the Flood (Netherlands)

"Future in Plastics"

Bigger things await New York five piece Future In Plastics than a mention on these pages. They are weird and truly wonderful, simple as that.

They blend soul-punk with hard rock, leftfield pop and are reknowned for their live shows, which have been labelled 'an unabashedly theatrical punk circus' and which have sent NY audiences wild - no easy feat.

Singer Coco is a genuine star and they have a sound that marries early punk attitude with a dirty, sexy rock 'n' roll swagger - coming off like a modern day, punked up Blondie, Siouxsie & The Banshees and X.
- Get Weird Turn Pro (Manchester, UK)

"Future in Plastics at R Bar, New York City"

...let yourself take a head trip from “London Calling” through “Tainted Love” to beyond Green Day’s “Holiday,” and add a singer who Debbie Harry could only dream of rivaling, you just might end up checking out punk act Future in Plastics who let it rip on the first Tuesday of every month at the R Bar ... The current four-piece lineup is tight, intense, and impossible to walk away from. Their grooves are Pantera-tight, fronted by powerhouse vocalist CoCo who effortlessly carries her punk lyrics through the glorious racket behind her. (And occasionally noodles on a synth.) Bassist Paul has the super-wide stage stance of Joe Strummer, and provides some sweet harmonies to pull the punk towards pop. Drummer Eddie is a maniac, beating on a crash cymbal that sounds like a trash can lid, yet actually controlling the intricate onstage rhythm party. The band’s secret weapon is guitarist Culley, who hides out in the corner and throws in a few vocals now and then but is clearly the bandleader – and he cleverly saves his rave-up solo for the very end of the set.

The current three-song EP from Future in Plastics is available from various sites, (including the band’s MySpace page) and is an excellent representation of their current sound. There is a decent video clip available from their gig at John Street in March, and a much better clip of their live performance of the fantastic song “Gun Control”. But their professionally produced video for “Dead Sea Rolls” is a must-see. Future in Plastics continues at R Bar on the first Tuesday of each month in 2009, and has every reason to show up in the opening slot of a major-act festival by summer. - Blog Critics Magazine


EP: The Birdhouse, 2010
EP: Future in Plastics, 2008
EP: U Look Like a Model, 2006

Dead Sea Rolls (2008)

Indie Revolution (WMIR - 100.9 FM NY)
XFM Dublin, Ireland (xfmdublin.com)
Upbeat Radio Podcast (upbeatradio.com)
RadioNY.org's "The Independent Sound."
Banana Peel Radio



Part old-time hoe down, part punk throw down. This eclectic quintet first hit the streets of New York in 2006 with their overtly theatrical brand of raw, rock rumble.

Honing their sound and raucous stage show in the dank watering holes and dens of iniquity of downtown New York and Brooklyn, Future in Plastics began to solidify their reputation as one of the city's most dynamic and original bands, and fireball singer Coco's status as one of it's wildest front women. Their organic, off-kilter approach began to garner some critical acclaim to go with their loyal and enthusiastic fan base. A hot CMJ Music Marathon showcase and infamous performance at the Mermaid Parade Ball in Coney Island helped bring the band into the eye of the music world. Reviewers began to take a shine to the unorthodox song-writing, sultry vocals and taught rhythmic attack. The public-at-large caught on as well, voting Future in Plastics to a victory in the CW11 battle of the bands (their first live TV performance), and NY Pick of the Year at the M.E.A.N.Y. Festival.

The band has solidified its reputation as a must-see live act through relentless gigging in New York City and the Northeast U.S. and Canada. The live show is a stripped-down, non-stop frenzy of energy, at the same time funny and frightening. In the 2010, the band has released their third EP, The Birdhouse, and performed at the NXNE Festival in Toronto.