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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Future Views"

“Honestly soulful and a lovingly happy expression of talent, rather than technology.”
- Ehsan Naroozi, Swedish Radio - P3


All material produced by Futurise. Currently seeking recording, mixing and mastering facilities. Thankfully with support of good people the music has made it to the airwaves. Album on it's way.



Once blinded, searching for reason, now light found and lifted from the fog into new sight. My inspiration as a being in transition towards clarity. This is a gift to share.

To have an effective output one must be unafraid of exposure and willing to sacrifice for others. We all need light, we all share sight. As you rise, we rise with open eyes. All things connected no longer blind, symbolized is Futurise.

Music carry’s insight for the present and future. It must be treasured and kept in constant balance. For me, music is a path to my innate dreams. The force that sings, writes and moves instinctively. With a passion for life’s inspiration I attempt to capture the internal voice.

New Zealand born and raised. A cultivator of teachings of FALUN DAFA the universal characteristic, truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It's teachings provide immeasurable guidance in life, showing an immeasurable ability to bring prosperity to all under heaven. Falun Dafa is guidance and answers to all sentient beings wiling to cultivate heart and mind nature to higher levels. Believing is seeing. Gods, creators and guardians of living worlds. All beings connected beyond biological boundaries, conceiving life beyond ordinary science.

History guided us all to the Chinese culture.

In 1999 Falun Dafa practitioners were demonized and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party in China. With over 100 million people effected and 10 years later the brutality continues. The truth must be known and all beings poisoned by their lies must become clear in order to end the injustice suffered by the innocent and deceived.

Heart as my guide, music is a tool of purpose. I may not be qualified nor experienced but with diligence and practice I position myself to better capture the sound inside so to share the experience.

My knowledge could not have been attained without Master and life's carers to whom I owe the greatest respect. The future rests in our ability to holistically raise ourselves. With the love support of family and friends, Futurise raises the voice of our generation and our time.