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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




"Futurists’ effort “War is Yesterday” inspires “Blacksheep Army”"

Apparently, Brooklyn’s been sleeping on a gem. Neo-psychedelic dream pop outfit Futurist has been creating and inspiring quite a collection of rich art across a variety of platforms. Heart felt song writing underneath a cosmos of real instrumental sound with a touch of avant-garde digitalism make Futurist seem a likely voice in tomorrows’ scene, no pun intended.

Citing likely influences for Futurist, things get eclectic; everything from early Flaming Lips to MGMT to Built to Spill and the Arcade Fire shine through editor/ imaginer/singer Curtis Peels’ vocals in the midst of a sonic spectrum reminiscent of Radiohead and even The Shins. This band feels like a fresh mix of all the classic elements of folk and rock music.

The latest from Futurist, “War is Yesterday” is the first full length available for download from the bands bandcamp site. “War is Yesterday” is a polished, obviously well adorned project that I couldn’t stop listening to. The folks in Futurist seem to have some definitive edge to their experimentation, and it’s well displayed across this album and their newest video, “Blacksheep Army.”

“War is Yesterday” is full of one liners that get stuck in your mind. One of the things I first noticed when checking out this band was how little play they had with their media on sources like youtube and reverbnation. I think it’s possible that Futurist’ multimedia creations grow to become very key in identifying a scene within indie in the digital age. So, “Wake up man…” - The Sleepfine Collective

"Playing dress-up with Brooklyn's black sheep"

"In the indie-rock hub of Brooklyn, NY, it can be hard to find a band that brings something new and exciting to the table. However, with its jangly folk sound and inventive costumes, Futurist is giving a whole new meaning to the term “art rock.” Furthering its distinguished and exciting approach to interactive collaborations, the band invited its fans to participate in its video shoot for “Blacksheep Army,” a guitar-heavy track laced with intricate violin lines and delicate vocals. The video features fans with painted faces donning military attire. It is essentially a tribute to the misfits, or the black sheep, giving them a place to express their faith in the unusual. As black sheep themselves, the members of Futurist have developed somewhat of a cult following. But they’re ready to take their distinct music and performance out of Brooklyn and on to the next level. Until then, you can find them dressing up, having fun and drawing more fans into their mysterious world." - Marie Scarsella /// CMJ

"Futurist – Antihero (video)"

So I’m having trouble deciding which is better: the song itself or the music video? Either way, it’s safe to say that Futurist’s latest single “Antihero” off their upcoming album War Is Yesterday is a song that is made up of just the right amount of toe-tapping rhythms and feel good vibes that’ll have you coming back for more. Plus that dual-guitar breakdown around the 2:10 mark is pure Steely Dan-ish, which fills me with all sorts of joy. If you’re in the NYC area and looking for something interesting to do instead of dinner and a movie, check out their Valentine’s Day performance at Cake Shop Records. - Travis Self /// newdust

"Deli Best of NYC 2011 - Futurist"

Futurist have some very big ideas. As much a multimedia project as 5-piece experimental folk outfit led by singer Curtis Peel. This group doesn't just write songs, as much as they construct whole movements like a folk-rock symphony. Listen to just a couple measures into "Slackjaw Pilgrims" or "Wingspan" and you'll find yourself getting pulled into their unique way of hearing the world. Like their name implies, there's nothing old about this group. Good thing foot-stomping dance grooves never go out of style. - The Deli NYC

"The Center of Sound Returns"

Hailing from the indie-music haven, Brooklyn, New York, Futurist is newly formed collaboration that is best recognized by their elaborate costumes, bouncy, rhythmic instrumentals, and folk-infused vocal style. Recently nominated as one of Deli Magazine's top "Emerging NYC/NJ Artist of 2011," it's clear that Futurist's quirky musical renderings are on the road to stardom. - Holley McConnell /// Epitonic

"Deathrow Tull, Futurist and Turkuaz play The Studio on 02.10"

Futurist harkens to the past with the sounds of strings and colonial drumbeats, but the underlying darkness meshed with sunny demeanor proves they offer enough light to burn. - Allison Levin /// The Deli NYC

"The Deli NYC Issue #30"

"With concerts that astonish audiences like the Flaming Lips but on an indie budget, Futurist draws a cult-like following with their fantastical and always unique performances. However, the collec- tive doesn’t really need the added theatrics to draw attention to their music, but it is a well-executed bonus. On their debut War Is Yesterday, the band constructs a colorful, vivacious musical terrain filled with good vibes." - Nancy Chow /// The Deli NYC


Albums (LP)
Omens (2019)
War Is Yesterday (2011)

Double Knots (2013)
Word of Mouth (2013)

War Is Yesterday Remixes (2012)



FUTURIST is the “Alt Rock, Psychedelic-Pop” project, with a unique take on modern rock & earnest songwriting achieving a sound best described as "future-classic." By virtue of experimentation, a multimedia vision, and an energetic delivery, FUTURIST creates a wall of sound that ignites audiences with their own style and modern mythology. With appeal for both lovers of space-age & vintage, FUTURIST has been likened to the visions of Flaming Lips, The Shins, My Morning Jacket, and Spoon. The band is known for its associations with folk-lore and psychedelia, permeating the group's instrumentation, effects, and composition.

During the extended break following the release of War Is Yesterday, FUTURIST have undergone some substantive changes in their overall aesthetic & collaborators. Departing from their light-hearted, indie folk-rock sounds from their debut, the band have clearly developed some deeper and more nuanced styles that are featured throughout their sophomore record, Omens. Living truer to form, the album is more technologically ambitious, through tracks such as “Slow Motion,” “Bad Air, Still Water,” & the harrowing and experimental “Harakiri," FUTURIST have embraced their modern tools to create a hybrid sound, both classic and forward-moving. Peel’s lyrics on songs such as “Olive Mountain,” “Crazy Eights,” & the symphonic “Behold! (Lullaby for the End of Days)” all touch upon the modern malaise & compulsive outrage that plagues an era of instant gratification and nonstop news cycles. All the while the childlike rock anthem “Born on Fire” or the punch-drunk “All I Ever Wanted” prove that the band has not lost touch with their optimistic roots.

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