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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Milwaukee Summerfest"

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know how pleased we at Milwaukee World Festivals (a.k.a. Summerfest) were with the band Fuzee. They were highly energized and provided our patrons an outstanding show. The band was extremely easy to work with and were very well behaved. I would certainly recommend them for any type of event that requires good, live entertainment. Gerald B. Henley (Summerfest Rock Stage Manager) - Summerfest

"Summerfest 2006 Local Artist Highlights"

By Sarah Hoye, Nathaniel Miller, Tim Cigelske

Summerfest '06 Mountain Dew Rock Stage
3 p.m. July 7

It's pronounced "few-zee," not "fuzzy," so quit that. Together since 2000, Fuzee is frothy, crunchy, hooky, ear-friendly, snappy and sweet. - MKE Magazine

"Maximum Ink Magazine"

May 2005

By Lane Klozier

Saw a great band last week...a three piece power/pop outfit called Fuzee.

...a wall of clean, hard edged music hit the room like a wave.

Good lyrical content complimented by well placed two-part harmonies resounded song after song.

The material was the type that had you singing along with each chorus to infectious melodies.

Their release is a testament to radio ready rock where overindulgent solos and prefabricated tricks are abondoned for what John Q Public actually wants - a good song.

...straight ahead songwriting and structure for a record well worth checking out. - From the column 'BREW CITY SLUDGE'

"Shepherd Express"

March 2006

Saturday, March 11, Onopa Brewery serves up a must-see double bill with Oh My God and Fuzee.

Milwaukee's Fuzee will open the show with their own brand of straight-ahead rock that features tight harmonies and hooks that won't let go. - Brian Barney

"Maximum Ink Magazine"

One of Milwaukee's best power pop outfits is Fuzee. Wide-open guitars and tight vocals that use two-part harmony the way it was meant to be create a signature sound. The boys have been together for several years now, and have just released their second album, "Shed."

The disc is 16 tracks of fun rock music that is catchy and accessible. Stand out songs such as "Make This Go Away" and "Gonna Run" rollick with drive and light-hearted enthusiasm. Many tracks ebb and flow with good use of simple time variance, giving the record a bit of diversity while maintaining continuity. At times, a good comparison can be made to groups such as Cheap Trick or Weezer. However, the sound is truly original. Fuzee is a great example of a band that takes great influences to form a sound all their own. - By: Lane Klozier


April 2007

By Julie Lawrence

For fans of this power pop trio's earlier work -- the band's been together since 2000 and gigging since '02 -- you are in luck. Neumann admits that the bulk of the record he's spent the last six months self recording with bandmates John Schneider and Brian Rutowski is older, previously unreleased material.
After toying with the idea of releasing "All Agog" as a double-disk debut album in 2005 -- a bold yet interesting move for any band, local and otherwise -- Neumann and crew decided to hold off on the second batch of songs, reworking and perfecting them into the 16-track "Shed."

"The songs actually were all written around the same time, but they have changed and evolved over the years, so they are new in that sense," he says. "Or, if you've never come to see us play before, they'll be new to you. Actually, there are four songs on this album that we never play live, so no matter what, they're be surprises."

Fuzee has been known in Milwaukee as purveyors of hooky, harmonious, power pop -- or "prock," as Newman has affectionately labeled the genre -- but with "Shed" comes a bit more of a crunchy bite and a few added nuances, such as a melodica intro on the album opener and, of course, the aforementioned trombone attempt. But for the most part, the sophomore release plays out as thoughtful, catchy and accessible as anything fans have come to expect. - OnMilwaukee.com

"Kramp & Adler Morning Show"

April 2007

Fuzee talks past, present and future with Kramp & Adler on FM 102.1

Take a listen:
http://www.fuzee.org/Graphics/ fuzee_kramp_adl.mp3 - FM 102.1 - Milwaukee, WI

"Fuzee Releases Power Pop "All Agog""

March 18, 2005

Fuzee, formed in 2000, creates its own gravitational pull of supporters and listeners with quality music from down-to-earth guys. ...

[ the music ] supplies thought-provoking lyrics and beats. These purveyors of crunchy power pop don't let up for a minute or throw boring three-chord songs at the listener. The diversity in tracks allows punk rock to mingle with pop rock without the teenage undertones.

Unlike many albums, "All Agog" provides a taste of the band's talents from the get-go with rocking guitars and impressive harmonies adding dimension. - Onmilwaukee.com - Josh Hertzog

"Shepherd Express"

October 2005

...pop meets rock in a style that is unpretentious and uplifting. Harmonies that are two-part and hooks that are undeniably catchy make for a brand of music that's radio ready without being a sellout.

Their self released 'All Agog' is a testament to what music should be all about-great songs. Live, the boys are reminiscent of acts such as the Pixies, where musical performance is the key and onstage antics are simply not needed. - Brian Barney

"Kenosha News - Get Fuzee: Group brings power pop to Summerfest"

July 2005

...A mix of alternative rock and pop styles of music keep the band's appeal open to a variety of audiences. And the impressive harmonies, pulsing beats and creative originality lead listeners through their variety of lyrics and song styles. - By Brian Sharkey


"Shed" - 2007
"All Agog" - 2005

Airplay on Milwaukee's WLUM 102.1 FM, WMSE 91.7 FM and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee FM.



Not too hard...
Not too soft...
Just, FUZEE! ( FEW - zee )

Fuzee is original crunchy, hooky, harmonious, ear friendly, snappy power pop.

Sweet harmonies.
Lyrics that provoke and tempt.
Riff, chunk and roll...

--Appeared on Milwaukee Summerfest Rock Stage: 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10

**We can adjust our electric set to an acoustic by-the-campfire vibe for those more intimate, get-to-know-you gigs.

Influences include Fig Dish, Foo Fighters, The Replacements, Neil Young, Tommy Keene, Walt Mink, Jawbox, The Plimsouls and Weezer.

Band Members