London, England, GBR

Young band with great stage presence and catchy songs, try hard to create a variety of music from reggae to funk tracks with an underlying pop feeling. Short & sweet with hooky Melodies.


We are a young and up and coming band with a lot of influences varying from member to member. We try hard to influence each other and keep each other on top form. Constantly working hard to have a great mix of styles within are set lists from ballads to out and out pop tracks, as well as funk and occasionally reggae influences. However we always aspire to keep a pop element within the sound that keeps it recognisable to us, Fuze. We are all in some way or another studying music on different levels and are committed to any opportunity.


We have currently to our name a strong demo album called "Thats What She Said" available through HMV as well as itunes Spotify and Amazonmp3.

We are currently working on a new single "By Your Side" which will be to a high professional standard ready for distribution.

Set List

Varies from Gig to gig.


Don't Cry
Love Guru
My Vocation
By Your Side
Still In Love With you
Changed Ways
Waste My time
Hey You

We occasionally add and remove covers to the list depending on our audience.