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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul


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"Together Again is a wonderful combination of soul, love, attitude and harmony." - Bootleg Magazine | Wilmington, NC | April 2007

Fuzz and Mac
Soul Bar
Sept. 20, 2008

AUGUSTA, GA - Fuzz and Mac are no strangers to performing in front of mixed crowds, and it was no exception at the Soul Bar Saturday night. You could spot everyone from older gray-haired gentlemen, to gothic, punk individuals, to the stylishly urban. Mixed races abounded and melded into a human stew that shared a common love of soul and hip-hop…or reduced cover charges. $2 shaved off from the original $5, was $2 saved. Who knew that seeing a show would prove to be economical?

Of course, as with most shows, promptness is a myth, so the party jumped off at about 11 p.m. As the show started, everyone gravitated toward the front of the place, where the duo started off with strictly underground hip-hop. Fuzz Jackson, whose cap was basically fitted over his eyes a la Jay-Z, spat mind-blowing verbal assaults into the microphone. His musical partner McClain Sullivan, a seemingly “Fergie” figure to Jackson’s “Black Eyed Peas,” sang flawlessly.

You could sense the musical tag being played—Mac’s soft and smooth would slap hands with Fuzz’s intensity and strength. In the middle of the pair would be the group’s DJ, who mixed and scratched the seamless link of songs with flair and also mouthed the words along with both his cohorts with passion.

Fuzz and Mac performed various joints, including a few from their EP “Together Again.” There were moments when Mac was featured extending notes and displaying runs as a testament to her wind control. The crowd moved, especially a few couples who grinded against each other with satisfaction, a gentleman who looked as though he was about to start breakdancing (but never did, due to the drink in his hand) and a white woman who had it in her to do a little dramatic swinging of the arms, looking like she could break into a ballet number. You just never know what comes with the diversity at a Fuzz and Mac show.

Jackson introduced the freestyle part of the show, where he would rhyme off the top of his head to 50 Cent’s “Many Men,” and the Youngbloodz’s “Presidential,” among others. With a quick tongue, he’d link nouns together like, “Used to live in Hephzibah, but now I just rep for y’all,” and “I rap in more cities than my man Joe Clair.” A white gentleman with a white T-shirt and barrage of tattoos covering his arms asked to come onstage and join in the festivities, which in turn, shattered the “no profanity” attribute associated with a Fuzz and Mac show. Fuzz, off in the background, still holding his mic, said a few words to his DJ, smiled, nodded and looked on as the new talent seemed to briefly steal the show. Whether Jackson knew him or not was a mystery, but it was entertaining nevertheless.

A great show resulted from the duo of the night as they performed for and amazed Augusta with little effort, but with a lot of underground talent. - Metro Spirit

Being someone that likes hearing artists in their most raw form, hearing the music before the commercialization and corruption, I like hearing the realness of their hooks and the soft and rough undertones of the beats and melodies. When I hear music, I want to hear the artists soul, I want to feel a little of them with each and every track in rotation. It is unfortunate that many times the artists that deliver such enchantment often do not receive the acclaim that they deserve. They are often shunned for the vapid mess of all that is now music. My only explanation for this is the fact that when we listen to the music of those who are introspective, we ourselves must evaluate, think and become more than we are on the surface. The music on Fuzz Jackson and McClain Sullivans Together Again is a flashback to the classic E.P. that show the absolute and true talent of the artist.

Fuzz Jackson and McClain Sullivan came together as the quintessential ebony and ivory coupling, but have twisted the idea to create a beautiful pairing of what happens when Soul falls in love with Hip-Hop. When the two genres share deep kisses on paper to make beautifully noted babies. Even on a seven song E.P., Fuzz and Mac drop conscious heat: "Valerie" tells the sad story of a girl who allows men to use her body while ignoring her soul. It was hopeful to a listener like myself to hear the objectification of a woman being disparaged rather than glorified. "Thank you" was close to my heart as a song of appreciation to those who had supported them most: their parents. "In the Evening" is the ideal song for deep thought, conversation, and lounging. Fuzz drops melodic rhymes, and the soft raspy tone of Mac's hooks meld to create an ultra-conscious neo-soul track.

Fuzz and Mac came to me via the Nicolay camp and I see why. Together Again is one of those projects that Hip-Hop needs, that music needs. An album that revives it's original purpose and goals, an album meant to not just make you feel good, but to make you think. Together Again has done just what it name suggests, brought soul, thought, and consciousness back into an album to be Together Again.

Written By: Jessica Dailey

- EvolutionOfMedia.com (Feature Review May 2007)


Fuzz and Mac - Together Again EP (March 2007)
Fuzz and Mac- Remember This LP (June 1010)



It's almost as though fate would play a part in the lives of Fuzz Jaxx and McClain Sullivan, as their latest collaboration, Fuzz & Mac, turns them full circle with their dreams.

They have recently moved from North Carolina to Brooklyn, NY, and have just released their first full length album "Remember This".

Fuzz and Mac have opened for The Roots, Talib Kweli, Souls of Mischief, and many others.The two are constantly touring and kicking up a storm.

Maybe its not predestination that joins Fuzz & Mac, but whatever it is that creates this magic, it will leave a lasting impression on all listeners world wide.