Tribalistic, progressive, minimal, electro techno and trance. Good fun for the whole family :) or when chiilen... Ambient, psychedelic dub, chillout, spacious, experimental, electronic, devotional sounds..


Been exploring trance, meditation and dance for 6 or 7 years. Influenced by the acid house rave scene in the 90's. Have since been attracted to the outdoor community vibed events and festivals on the east coast of Australia. Have been Dj'ing for 4 years and have recently moving into Abelton Live Software Application fusing live instrumentation with electronica.
There is also a desire to add a VJ element to performance.


Recorded mixes and posting them at

Currently working on some ambient, electronica and
didgeridoo pieces to be released soon.

Set List

Depends a lot on time of day, PA and space provided.

Around 8-11pm when playing techy-trance warmup sets.
Proggressive trance sets 11-2am
Ambient sets, anywhere, anytime :).

Always try to begin my sets with an easy fun groove or ambient chill sound and gradually build it up into a solid rhythm for the next dj/artist can take it further.