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"This is the kind of music that gives Pop a good name."

-Jeremy Peterson, opbmusic.org - opb

"Morning Edition"

"Fuzzball sounds like the strokes force fed talking heads while getting their feet rubbed by rem. I love it."

-April Baer - KOPB


"The Last Umbrella Stand," fuzzball's first album, is available on iTunes and through http://cdbaby.com/cd/fuzzball.

Songs from the album have been played on KOPB, OPBMusic.org, KNRK and KFXX.

A b-side single ("green is the color") is the score for highlight compilations at PGE Park prior to every Portland Timbers soccer match.



Super candy rock and roll explosions? That gawdawful thing the cat coughed up? The secret you shared with the kid next door growing up? That's it! It's fuzzball!!!

Fuzzball hails from cheery old Portland, Oregon, where alt-rockers come to die. Lifelong friends and veterans of Puddletown’s rich musical scene, Fuzzball has been rocking out on the front porch (mostly in the rocking chair) for the last five years. Leisurely pace or one foot in the grave? Fuzzball can’t help themselves. The music is irrepressible. It’s got to come out. And it can’t help winning fans.

April Baer of Oregon Public Broadcasting likened Fuzzball to "the strokes force fed talking heads while getting their feet rubbed by rem" while international illustrator Dylan Nelson reports that fuzzball is "big on high-school drama, exploding rocking chairs, transvestites and sense of humor."

So who are we?

Eric Levine (lead vocal & guitar - formerly of the willies) leads us on like a siren but instead of rocks you get a candy coated, emotional prison and fairy tale endings! He’s an atomic fireball on stage and a logomancer (that’s a wordwizard to you and me) off it. Sometimes Suess and sometimes Pynchon. He’s our own Clark Kent/SuperApe….Mr. Levine is every kid’s favorite English teacher by day…blazing, furry freak by night. Plus, he’s a pretty nice guy to boot. But don’t boot him often…Buy him a beer instead.

Keld Bangsberg (guitar - formerly of trip 21) is the sonic landscaper of the little garden of our minds and our rainbow brite skyscraper. His playing is vital, unnerving, surprising and sometimes just so damn pretty. Live, you might worry for his guitar. He won’t smash it… he loves it too much but damn! the way he plays.

Bruce Robertson (drums - formerly of black barrel) is the rhythmic action of the "action" action and used to play for animotion or something. Like Mozart on the drums…you’ll be amazed by all the notes - and each of them perfect. Part Bozio, part Moon, part machine. All amazing. Lock down grooves to thundering flurries - familiar and unexpected like spring on the vast American plains. Fear the drum! And smile.

Mark Buchanan (bass - formerly of hummingfish) drops the heavy bottom on it. Since you’re buying, Mark drinks a Rob Roy on the rocks. Sophisticated and sweet. Oh yeah, he’ll take the cherry too.

These guys bring some chops. They aint just whistling Dixie either…Separately in the past, they have shared stages with Sublime, Cake, General Public, Animotion, Colobo, Deb Talan, Crazy Eights, Save Ferris, Hazel, Tommy Tutone and many, many others. But they don’t take themselves too seriously either. Still, today, their live show is a high-energy, catchy, pop-filled confection bubbling over with humor and unexpected sonic surprises.

Fuzzball’s first album, The Last Umbrella Stand, is a hoot and a holler and well worth your music buying dollar. These lucky 13 songs will leave you humming as they carve uncharted paths through the jumbled lives of hearts and minds. Don't take our word for it though - check out those audio samples.

Fuzzball- liked by all? No! But, recent radio play demonstrates Fuzzball's broad appeal: KNRK FM Alternative Rock, KOPB (Public Broadcasting) and KFXX AM Sports Talk all have given fuzzball rare and sweet air.

In the crazy serendipity arena, Fuzzball's cover of "Green is the Color" has become a rally song for the Timbers Army (Portland Timbers soccer fans) and has been used by Portland's professional soccer team to add energy to their online highlights videos and before games to get the crowds pumped up.

Need an outside endorsement? Jeremy Petersen of OPBmusic.org said "This is the kind of music that gives Pop a good name."

Of course, the calling card of the Fuzzball Dynasty is our live shows. If you don't get worked up at one of our parties, you're probably dead. There was this dead guy at one of our shows as a matter of fact, and even he partied like Howard Dean on the campaign trail. We kid you not. Could you be any deader? Could you feel more alive? Join the mailing list, come to a show, see what we mean.

So kick back and crank up the Fuzz! You've earned it. We're glad to be there for you.

Check it!