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"At the Railway Club"

One of the things that struck me most about our gracious hosts Fuzzcat was not their music (which, as I’ll get to, was amazing in it’s own right) but in their ultra-positivity toward Vancouver’s music scene and it’s plethora of virtually unknown bands. Speaking to lead singer Chris Ryan after the set, he practically implored me to check out their show on October 31st at The Media Club not because his band is playing, but because there would be other bands there that would blow my mind out. This is exactly what Vancouver’s scene needs more of. Bands hyping other bands, hyping the city, and hyping up the fans. One of the best pictures taken all night was of Ryan - front and center, fist in the air - hyping The Easy Brothers. Part ska and part punk, the lads in Fuzzcat also have no aversion whatsoever to serving up an earful of wah-imploded funk. Opening their set with the ultra-fast vocal blaster Oceans and then ever-so-slightly mellowing out into a straight ska-groove of Good Man, Fuzzcat had their mighty legion of fans out of their seats with the quickness. Moreso than any other band of the night, Fuzzcat seamlessly shifted gears and tore through a plethora of genres, all the while mixing up a crazy mix of very tight and technical instrument solos with one-wheel-in-the-dirt jam sessions. Check out the picture above, for crying out loud! This band means business! - Ronatron.net

"Spreading Truth"

Fuzzcat is a very cool funk filled 4 piece band from Vancouver, BC. I was put on to these guys recently from a friend. They released a full length album in 2007 "Impact" which I regret to have not heard YET. They are doing a show on new years in Van at the Anza Club. Fuzzcat have been releasing some new material via myspace recently and it is sounding pretty damn good. After watching the video for Emergency Ive gained alot more respect for the band. In a world where Obama is being hailed as a savoiur, its good to see musicians spreading the TRUTH. Click the cover art for more info and tracks to listen to. For fans of The Cat Empire, 10Ft Ganja Plant, RHCP. - HillyDilly.com

"Full On Chefs"

Making rock is like making a pizza - most anyone can do it, and even if it sucks, it's still not that bad. Ska, however, is more akin to a souffle - if the artist doesn't know what they are doing, it will likely fall flat and leave the audience with nothing but cheese.

With that analogy in mind, I think it is fair to say that the members of funk-filled reggae rockers Fuzzcat are no line cooks; these boys are full-on chefs.

Formed in 2006, the quartet of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chris Ryan, lead guitarist Ted Campbell, bassist Dave Wise and drummer Jeff Carter have spent the last two years touring and recording the hooky grooves, catchy lyrics, and rug-cutting riffs that garnered Fuzzcat comparisons to funk brethren Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime.

Fuzzcat's 2007 debut release, Impact!, is a smooth collection of off-beat brilliance infectious enough to get even the most conservative of dancehall wallflowers skanking the night away. (Don't worry, mom. 'Skanking' is not a bad word. Go ahead, Google it.)

And with a new four-song digital EP set for release this fall, it looks as though Fuzzcat might have a whole lot more music fans also looking up the definition of the word 'skanking' real soon.

Fuzzcat performs this Friday at The Media Club with guests Dreadnoughts, Thor, and The Undead Kennedys. - 24 Hours Vancouver

"A Movement"


Why: Ska is popular again in Vancouver and Fuzzcat is part of that revival. The band is more rough than its jazz-schooled ancestors, being more punk-influenced, but ska -- the faster precursor of reggae -- forms lot of what the band does. - The Province

"Fuzzcat Seeks to Make Impact in the Kootenays"

Fuzzcat seeks to make Impact in Kootenays
Published: February 03, 2009 1:00 PM

“We’ve been ripped off a lot, not getting good nights and things like that, and they could be seen as struggles, but in the position we’re in now we command more respect,” lead guitarist Ted Campbell said.

But it’s all about the music and their upbeat tunes prove it, drawing comparisons to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Manu Chao and Sublime. Influenced by ska, reggae, funk, punk, and fun music in general, their rock-tunes have what is needed to move a dance floor.

“We’re not trying to be famous, we’re just throwing a big party,” he said.

Though becoming famous is desirable, he said it was also a means for travel.

From humble and quite complicated beginnings, the group began with just Campbell and singer and guitar player Chris Ryan, who met while teaching in Korea. Bassist Dave Wise was next to join the duo when they ventured back to Canada, before drummer Jeff Carter completed the scene.

Based in Vancouver the foursome have been launching themselves on the Rockies since 2006, after only three months' playing together before their first gig. They’ve had so much success, they’ve built themselves a solid reputation.

“From then it has been steadily getting better. We’re now able to play Friday and Saturday nights and book our own shows,” he said.

With a 15 track debut album, Impact! already up for grabs and armed with seven new recordings, the band is now in hot demand.

Two songs from their album were featured in a 2007 documentary about the upcoming 2010 Olympics, called The Five Ring Circus.

They have also performed on Live from Radio Thunderbird Hell on UBC radio, as well as Radio Bandcouver for Co-op Radio.

Their Rockies' tour begins in Calgary on Feb. 15, before blowing the doors open at Bud’s Bar and Lounge in Invermere on Feb. 18 and 19. The band then continues on to Canmore, Golden and Banff.

The band has already toured the Rockies before with a performance in town in 2008.

“People just keep coming back,” he said. “Playing at Bud’s last fall was a huge success. We sold more T-shirts and CDs there than anywhere else.”

But it’s been quite a bumpy ride, Campbell’s deportation back to America a year and a half ago being one of the biggest.

“I thought it was the end of the band,” he said. “There were lots of things that could have been called setbacks, but we cared about the music, and we’re always writing songs about our experiences.”

Now a Canadian resident, he said it was lucky how things managed to turn out.

“The band coming together happened naturally,” he said. “It was pure luck Chris and I met in Seoul.”

Tickets can be purchased at Bud’s Bar and Lounge. - Invermere Valley Echo


2007 - Impact! LP - independent

2009 - EMERGENCY - 4 song digital EP - CDBaby now.



Fuzzcat, Vancouver’s funk-filled reggae rock attack, has been exploding Western Canadian dance floors since 2006. Danceable rhythms, infectious lyrics, and provocative musical arrangements have earned Fuzzcat a growing reputation as one of Vancouver's most exciting emerging bands.

Charismatic, high-energy performances draw comparisons to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Manu Chao and Sublime, but the band has diverse influences which range from hip-hop to punk.

Fuzzcat regularly plays Vancouver’s Media Club and Railway Club and has made four tours of the Rockies, playing Sun Peaks Resort Mountain Bike Festival, and venues such as The Drake in Canmore and The Rose and Crown in Banff, Alberta. Fuzzcat also organizes their own shows at the Anza Club, the Railway Club, and the Sweatshop, playing sold-out nights with local favorites Freeflow, Los Furios, The Dreadnoughts, Mongoose, and many more.

Fuzzcat has performed on Live from Radio Thunderbird Hell on UBC radio and on Radio Bandcouver on 102.7, Co-op Radio. In the spring of 2007, Fuzzcat released their first album, Impact!, with a sold-out show at the Media Club. Two songs from the album were featured in the 2007 documentary The Five Ring Circus, a Workless Party production about the 2010 Olympics.

A Fuzzcat show is a high-energy, musically-diverse party, whether they rock with ska, funk, or punk bands, or go acoustic at the monthly Monday they host at the Railway Club.

24 Hrs. newspaper in Vancouver describes Fuzzcat as having “...hooky grooves, catchy lyrics, and rug-cutting riffs.”

Mace from Ronatron.net writes, “Fuzzcat had their mighty legion of fans out of their seats with the quickness. Moreso than any other band of the night, Fuzzcat seamlessly shifted gears and tore through a plethora of genres, all the while mixing up a crazy mix of very tight and technical instrument solos with one-wheel-in-the-dirt jam sessions.”

Check out the digital release of a new 4-song EP (Emergency) recorded at The Hive in Burnaby, B.C., as well as more great shows and another Western tour in February.